The Brand that I Am

If it wasn’t for the education and not the misrepresentation of what a brand looks like

I represent my brand 

I stand for what I am

Born to the educators that taught me wisdom 

And not to run the streets or let the streets run you

An educated mind to making the solid decisions 

Knowing what I loved, what I enjoyed, what life meant while growing up

An educated heart that builds on a strong hold of what I should become of this world

What a brand should represent

Not a misrepresentation of knowing yourself first

Deep rooted and synchronized 

Deeper than what the soul holds


Written by Lyrical Passion (c) 2019


In honor of National Poetry Month

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Author: That Riverz Gurl

An author of eight books, a journalist, writer for several publications, a blogger, owner and creator of Versafi Magazine and a media mogul creating her own lane.

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