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BlaQ Book Review: MENstakes by Melicia Terrell

Besides being an author, I am also an avid reader of many books as well.  Some of my favorite authors are Nikita Lynette Nichols, Kim Cash Tate and Terri McMillan just to name a few.  The last couple of months I have been reading books like the Flyy Girl Trilogy by Omar Tyree and the Book of Promises Series by Kim Cash Tate.  I just recently finished up a new book called “MENstakes” by Melicia Terrell.  The book was an easy read and had a very good message behind it.

The cover is really eye-catching with the color theme: purple and yellow along with the illustration on the front.  The first thing people are going to notice is the cover of the book and how it is presented.  The title and cover does speak a thousand words and for the title to be “MENstakes,” it surely had my attention.  It makes you wonder what the story is really about.  Most books has a dedication and acknowledge page and with this book, I was really digging both.  As stated in her dedication page that is dedicated to “every type” of woman “from side chicks, main chicks, baby mommas to mothers, etc, it tells you who the book is targeted to for an audience point-of-view.  The author makes it very clear in the beginning.

Another thing that I like about the presentation of the book is that the author has different titles for each chapter such as “Desperation,” “Victim” “Obsession” “Possessive” and “Rebirth”  Each of those chapters talked about her true stories and what she dealt with in the past.  That’s a great way to get your readers attention and to relate to your hurt and pain.  When writing a narrative that is non fiction, it is also important to talk to the readers/audience in a language that they can understand.  If your audience is targeted for teens between the ages of 13-17, then your tone and language must fit for that age group.  Melicia did just that when writing her narrative.  Even though at times her “slang” and “urban” talk wasn’t very clear at various of times, I understood as a reader what she was trying to say.  But what if someone who doesn’t understand the language, how would they receive the story? Not only are you writing for yourself, but you are writing for your audience as well.  Everyone will not receive the story the same way.

The message is very clear in “MENstakes”  She was very brave enough to even share this story for the world to see.  When I was reading the book, I felt the pain she was in because a lot of women really did go through the abuse and obsession over a man or men.  As women, it is hard for use to truly let go of a habit that is eating us alive and a guy who we just seem to can’t let go.  I’ve been there a couple of times myself, so I definitely was able to relate to the story.  The author did a great job telling her story while having a strong message behind it.

Now getting to the nitty-gritty and the real critical part of my review; the one most people hate.  The book lack serious editing and had a lot of punctual errors, grammatical errors and incomplete sentences that doesn’t make any sense.  As a new author or an author in general, it is critical and VERY important that you INVEST in a PROFESSIONAL editor that specializes in editing, proofreading or copy editing.  Because if you don’t, your book will not flow right.  Readers can be critical as well and if there are errors on just about every page of your book, then most likely they will either 1) not finish the book or 2) not buy from you again.  So as I was reading through the book, there were too many errors and I lost count after that.  Even though the book has a great message, the editing process was poor!  I really would advise the author to re publish this book and get a professional editor to look over this again.

As an author and an avid book reader, I can only state my opinion and hope that the author will take this into consideration.  Overall, the book was great!  I do look forward to reading more books by this author in the near future.


“MENstakes” will be released on Amazon on June 1st.

Patrice Rivers is an author, writer, blogger and a journalist.  Please connect with her on Instagram @thatriverzgurlbrand.  You can visit her website at 

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