BlaQ Women in Business

BlaQ Business Highlight: Renata Noelle Rafiel

On BlaQ Stardom Magazine online, we would like to take the time to recognize African-American brands and business owners.  This week, we have a blogger and writer who created her own platform of inspiration and motivation through her articles for women.
 Renata Noelle Rafiel is  the Founder of Purposeful and Pretty, a platform created when God released it in her vision to empower and to uplift women.  As a single mother of two children, Renata yearned to find her purpose.  Even though she was looking in all the wrong places, she never gave up her dream.  Being a blogger wasn’t on her list, but as she used God’s gift, Renata learned that this was her true calling.  Besides managing her own platform, she is also the co-author of an eBook called “Purpose Points” which is by other empowering women as well.  This book is set to be released this fall, so please be sure to stay connected with Renata on her journey of faith and living with a purpose!  
If you would like to know more about Purposeful and Pretty, please contact Renata

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