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BlaQ Movie Review: MA

Oscar Academy winner for The Best Support Actress Role in several movies, Octavia Spencer is one bad mama-jama!  You can see her in various of movies such as “Hidden Figures,” “The Help,” Fruit vale Station” and other big screen titles.  This is Spencer’s first horror film and I can  truly say that she kicked butt in this film!


MA is directed by Tate Taylor  and is written by Scotty Landes.  This film is about a group of high school kids who wants to just have some fun, but can’t really do everything that they want to do because of their age.  So one of the kids try asking random people to buy them alcohol so that they can just have a good time.  Now note, this movie has a lot of teenage drinking involved and I can say a lot of disturbing things that are definitely rated R.  So here comes MA (Octavia Spencer)  who decides to buy the young teenagers alcohol.  At first she wasn’t going to do it, but of course they had to make her a promise to never drive while drinking and no cursing.  Sounds fair enough? 

After getting almost busted by the police for drinking one night, MA offers her basement where they can relax, have fun and drink.  Let’s keep in mind that Sue Ann is a divorced woman who was always considered an insider all throughout her high school years.  She was the type with low self-esteem and wanted to fit in with the crowd at her high school.  But little did the group knew, Ma had a plan to terrorize them and get revenge.  Sue Ann knew all the kids parents from high school and after the big blow up and embarrassment by one of her class mates after walking out of a janitor’s closet, everyone was laughing at her.  Since then she has been bittersweet and has kept to herself.


Spencer is already  a great actress and playing different roles was no problem. But when I heard she was doing a lead role for a horror movie, I was excited and curious to go see this movie.  You will definitely fill Ma’s wrath  all throughout the movie.  It is worth seeing and I rate this movie an A for sure!


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