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BlaQ Book Review: If I Believe by Kim Cash Tate



Since reading the first book of the series called “Though I Stumble” that is apart of the A Promises of God.  It is not only a book, but Tate really captivates the readers and Christians through bible study teaching and bible verses.  She created a very vivid story and created characters that people can actually relate to.  This wasn’t by accident that I started reading books from this author, because I believed for some reason God wanted me to read the series.  I am empowered and moved by these books in her series.  Each character dealt with some very hard times and by relating their problems and reading scriptures to help them get through the day.


This book is very relatable like any other christian books I’ve read by African-American authors; Tate just grabs your attention and holds it from the beginning to the end.  I would definitely encourage people to read her books as they are a guide to faith and living as a Christian and how we should always believe God’s word.  





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