Business Highlight: LaKisha Mosley

   This week’s business highlight is LaKisha Mosley who is a woman entrepreneur of a fabulous event planning service called The LM experience. She is a  graduate of Louisiana State University, Northwestern State University and Houston Community College with degrees in Criminal Justice and Human Resource Management.  

Lakisha’s love for event planning came about after her 5-year wedding renewal.  She enjoys planning company launches, fashion shows, weddings, galas and workshops.  As a mother of two adult children, she  also has her own blog that talks about faith, family and love as well as an owner of  her own podcast called “The Confessions of a CEO” which highlights different business owners and entrepreneurs.  LaKisha has been going strong with her event planning service for nine years now and also has a training platform called The Aspiring Planner.  Three things that she loves is: faith, family and love.


You can connect with this boss babe by visiting her links below!  

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Author: That Riverz Gurl

An author of eight books, a journalist, writer for several publications, a blogger, owner and creator of Versafi Magazine and a media mogul creating her own lane.

2 thoughts

  1. Just sending a little thank you from the rest of the internet for supporting another Boss Babe. Us girls gotta stick together! I recently just started a GRLPWR section on my site to promote and support women all over the world. I’m so happy to see all the other amazing boss blogging babes supporting other boss babes. It’s quite refreshing!
    Keep up the amazing work, you’re truly an inspiration!


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