BlaQ Author Spotlight Erika Latanya

National Bestselling Author, Erika Latanya is a serial storyteller who hails from the Washington, D.C. metro area. Her love for writing started at the early age of 8 years old when she received her very first diary. From then on, she penned short stories and poetry. Erika expresses that writing is a form of therapy. It gives her the opportunity to express and share her imagination with the world.  

Erika is also the proud owner of Dear Diary Publishing and Dear Diary Cosmetics. She’s been featured in various publications such as Sheen Magazine, Swagher Magazine and the Los Angeles Wave Newspaper to name a few.
BlaQ Stardom Magazine caught up with Erika Latanya to talk to her about her writing career as an author and her publishing company “Dear Diary Presents”
“Black authors supporting each other is important but the goal for me is for everyone of all backgrounds and race to read my material.”

BLAQ STARDOM MAGAZINE: You mentioned in your bio that writing for you is a form of therapy.  How often do you find yourself writing in your journal or writing in general?

ERIKA LATANYA: Sometimes I write everyday even If it’s just a sentence. Sometimes I keep my feelings all in and may write about it If the issue is severe.

BLAQ: What type of writing do you enjoy the most and why?

ERIKA: I enjoy writing thrillers and crime because that’s where I vent and kill off characters for entertainment.

BLAQ: Tell us about your books that are published.  How do you come up with the concept to write your novels?

ERIKA: I write novellas which are short stories. I don’t plan out a story line. I just pick up my phone and start typing. Sometimes my stories are loosely based on things I’ve been through or something I’ve seen or heard about.

BLAQ: How many books do you have under your belt? Are you currently working on any new book projects this year?

ERIKA: I have about 8 or 9 books under my belt. Sometimes I loose count. I’m working on 3 new books to release this year.

BLAQ: You know how a lot of children participate in different contests and talent shows for several of things, were you one of those kids that participated in those relating to writing or was it for something else?

ERIKA: No, I wasn’t that kid.

BLAQ: What year did you first started your publishing company “Dear Diary”? What was the inspiration behind it?

ERIKA: I started Dear Diary Publishing at the end of 2018. It was inspired from all the years of me writing in my diary.

BLAQ: Do you find owning your own publishing company a difficult task?

ERIKA: Yes but I’m still just getting started.

BLAQ: How many authors do you have under your publishing company?

ERIKA: It’s just me right now.

BLAQ: Tell us about a challenge that you faced during your writing career and how did you overcome that challenge? What were the solutions?

ERIKA: I faced a challenge where I felt my writing style wouldn’t fit into the writing industry. My writing is more on the creative side. I don’t write by the rules. I stopped worrying about the rules and wrote how I saw fit.


BLAQ: If a new writer comes up to you asking for advice about writing a book, what would you say to them?

ERIKA: I’d tell them to go for it If it’s what they have a passion for. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

BLAQ: Has marketing and promoting your books on social media been an easy task for you as far as gaining new followers and attracting new readers? How often would you say that you market your books?

ERIKA: It’s not easy at all. In fact, it’s hard. I used to market everyday on social media and run ads.

BLAQ: What makes your publishing company unique?

ERIKA: My company is unique because of the name alone. It’s unique because Dear Diary is a company full of stories based upon real life. Just like the real life stories written in your diary.

BLAQ: Have you gone on any book tours or collaborated with other authors?

ERIKA: I’ve gone on a few book tours. Some were in New Orleans and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’ve never collaborated with another author but it’s on my list.

BLAQ: How do you feel about black authors supporting one another? Is that important to you?

ERIKA: Black authors supporting each other is important but the goal for me is for everyone of all backgrounds and race to read my material.

BLAQ: In your opinion, what makes a good author?

ERIKA: A good author to me is anyone who can change just one life or outlook of a human being. Just one. If you can entertain someone then you’re a good author in my book.

BLAQ: Where can readers purchase your books at?




You ca also connect with Author Erika Latanya as well on social media. 

Ig: @erikalatanya
Twitter: @erikalatanya
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