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EVERYBODY SCREAM! Season Three Scream Resurrection Review

The Scream Franchise has been going on for years now with the original Scream to set sail starring Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox which was back in December of 1996.  Now I haven’t really been keeping up with all the Scream movies, but to fast forward to Season Three of The Scream TV series, I really got into this one.  I didn’t really understood why each day was two hours long.  But then I realized that they combined two episodes together which really is six episodes in total.  The casting of the new season was really great and each person had their own personality.  



Deion Elliot (RJ Cyler) who is a star football player that everyone loves.  Known as “D-Day” he has a really dark secret that will come to haunt him and his friends on Halloween.  As the lead character, Cyler does a great job acting out his part as Deion.  

Olivia “Liv” Reynolds (Jessica Sula) is the pretty biracial girl who seemed that she could get whatever she wanted.  She did ended up getting Deion.  But learning a little bit about her through her father makes you wonder if she was the killer fast-forwarding when Deion found the receipt for the flowers for Manny.  Sometimes with her words, it really makes you wonder. 

Beth (Giorgia Whigham) was a total gothic-looking student and you really couldn’t figure her out. With the dark make-up, dark clothing and all the piercings, who would have known she was playing Ghostface the whole time alongside someone else? I surely didn’t see that twist coming, but Beth’s character made you wonder every step of the way.  No one wanted to befriend her except for one person in the group during detention.  He actually had a thing for her and he was going to do whatever to get to her.  

Amir (Christopher Jordan Wallace)  Wow! It’s been while since I’ve seen this kid in a movie.  And to say that he is the late Nortorious B.I.G. son.  But what a great character he has chosen to play in this series.  Amir seems like the shy type with no real friends until he meets Beth.  The love he has for her is so surreal and the passion they shared when he comes to her house/funeral home was definitely a moment shared just like with Deion and Liv at her house.  Wallace’s character of Amir was a great match.

Jamal (Tyga) plays Deion’s half brother who was always jealous of the relationship between Deion and his father.  He knew of Deion’s secret so who would have thought the rapper and actor would get in on the slicing and dicing revenge with Beth as Ghostface? I didn’t see that coming as well.  The part where he is dying and Deion hear his brother’s true confessions on how he really felt about him.  But still who would have known, he killed some people? 

Kym (Keke Palmer) The protester who is like a good friend at times tries looking out for her good friend Manny on the series.  But when she tries to save him and finds out that he dies in a car fire because of Ghost face, she regrets not being a better friend to Manny.  He was the one who actually tries to find her in the woods where her car was last seem, but Ghost face has already gotten to him. 

Sherry Elliot (Mary J. Blige) Mary always does good in all her acting parts.  Sherry is still suffering and grieving the loss of one of her sons Marcus Elliot and just wants Deion to be all he can be.  

Manny (Giullian Yao Gioyello) Manny seems to be a very laid back person who is one of Kym’s good friends from elementary school.  Even when Kym doesn’t treat him right at times or if they have an argument, he still goes out his way to make sure he has her back.  Manny is more like Kym’s Ride or Die.



Twists to the whole Scream Series: Deion revealing that he is actually Marcus instead.  There was a flashback scene where the two younger brothers switched Halloween costumes.  His mother started calling Marcus Deion so he just never corrected his mother. That’s a really great twist if you have watched the three-night premiere.  Then towards the middle of the series I really expected Liv to be Ghost Face because of some of the hints she was dropping and the fact that she has a really dark past.  Other than that, I thought Season Three was went really smooth with some surprises in between.  


Written by That Riverz Gurl

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