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Tips for Entrepreneurs with 9 to 5 Jobs

By LaKisha Mosley


As an entrepreneur that works a “regular” job, I know that it can sometimes be quite difficult to manage our businesses after work. Depending on your job, it may be difficult to even think about your business while on breaks or during lunch. Here are a few tips on how to manage your business.


  • Be very intentional about your goals, both short and long term regarding your regular job.
    • Is your job for a certain time frame or will it be your career? Answering this will determine if your business is a side hustle or if you want to make full time entrepreneurship a goal.
  • Create a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.
    • Stick to whatever you create even when you don’t want to. It creates habits.
    • I start with the monthly calendar and determine what days I’m off from my regular job. Those are the days I could work on my business.
    • Then I look weekly and determine which days I will do certain tasks. For example, Tuesdays may be blogging days. Or Fridays would be newsletter creation day.
    • Then I decide what tasks I will do daily. I make a schedule the night before to determine what tasks I need to complete based on the goals I set for the month.
  • Set a timer while working on tasks.
    • This is very important. It’s easy to get consumed with one task so setting a timer will keep you on task.
    • Do tasks in 30 to 60-minute increments. Based on what task it is, you can decide how long you think it will take you.
  • Lists, lists, lists
    • You must know what you must do in order to actually do it.
    • Lists are your friends and keep you on tasks.
    • Try to create your list the night before so you can start fresh in the morning.
  • Stay focused
    • You must be laser focused in order to get your tasks done.
    • Creating a schedule, lists, and setting a timer will all keep you focused on the job at hand.
    • You have to know exactly what you want and focus on the things needed to get them done.
  • Barter or Outsource Services
    • Find other entrepreneurs that you can either swap or outsource tasks to.
    • If you’re good at organizing digital files but suck at social media, find someone who may be willing to do your social media for a week or so in exchange for you organizing their files.


It may seem like a lot to make your goals a reality, but it is so worth it. Knowing what you want and creating a plan for getting it will make it so clear.



LaKisha Mosley is the owner of The LM Experience, an event management boutique and the owner of a lifestyle blog about family, family and love. You can connect with her on IG, FB and Twitter @lakishammosley.


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