Let Your Pain Lead to Purpose

By Renata N. Rafiel


We often ask ourselves why we do we have troubled times? Why me Lord?  Will the pain I’m experiencing ever end? Scripture says, in this world we will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world. (John 16:33 ) NIV No one, I mean no one is exempt from troubles.  It does not matter the race, gender, or economic status.  None of these factors will prevent you from experiencing heartache and pain. You can’t escape troubled times, so don’t even try. 

How do we handle the lemons of life being thrown at us? Is it even possible to see the good moments despite the bad we experience?  Of course it is.  There is a purpose in every difficult situation we encounter.  We will either learn from it, or from grow from it. You will never see the purpose of your storm until you recognize the growth that was produced.  The moment you realize that the lesson was learned, and the outcome made you a better person; is when you can say to yourself “there was a purpose for my pain”.

What is the purpose and how do we recognize it? Activating your faith, spending time in prayer, and hearing the word of God is essential in discerning the purpose. I recently experienced a situation that left me heartbroken and devastated. I thought the pain would never go away.  I asked God over and over again to reveal the reason. Needless to say, I never got a response.  Well, not the response I was looking for at least. It took months of crying, praying, and trying to figure things out but, still, God was silent.  From that moment on I decided to be still, and let God reveal it in His timing, and I refused to ask again.

Shortly after, it was revealed! AMEN!!  I could have saved myself all that drama if I would have just set back, and let God do His work in me, and reveal the purpose. Sometimes things in our lives have to fall apart in order for it to fall in place.  I am a true witness to that.  Remember, there is a purpose in our pain, and when it is revealed you will be healed, whole and complete!

Renata N. Rafiel

Purposeful & Pretty




Author: That Riverz Gurl

An author of eight books, a journalist, writer for several publications, a blogger, owner and creator of Versafi Magazine and a media mogul creating her own lane.

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