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The Drama Continues on Season 4 of Greenleaf



If you haven’t been keeping up with the Jones’s with Greenleaf, then you are really sleeping on some really great shows in history! Yes I said great show in history.  Why? Because Greenleaf is something that you can’t take your eyes off of.  The drama starts in Season One throughout Season Three and now Season Four is about to be sizzling, more like on FIYAH!!! Now I can’t go all the way in details on the drama everyone has on the show, but you definitely should pay attention to all the heat that is within the Greenleaf family.  For starters when Grace comes back home for her youngest sister Faith’s funeral, that’s when everything stirs up.  Bishop James Greeleaf and  Lady Mae Greenleaf have some secrets that’s so overwhelming, you can’t understand if they are going to stay together or get a divorce.



I love me some Charity (Deborah Joy Winans) because not only she can sing, but her story line is deep and empowering.  Within the church community, you do have some hypocrites as well as people who do evil things for attention and money and the members doesn’t even know about it; only the church staff and who is tied to it.  This isn’t just another drama show, but it teaches a story about what goes on for real in some churches.  It’s not all that’s cracked up to be, so as you watch this show, pay attention to all the details.  You might even have to download the OWN app on your smartphone and binge watch on all three seasons so they you can be all caught up with the drama and whose who.  


When I first learned that Leyoya Luckett was joining the cast, I knew it was going to be juicy and sure enough, it definitely was! She shows everyone her evil and wicked ways, especially with Bishop James Greenleaf and getting on Lady Mae nerves.  But as you watch the past seasons, you will have a better insight of Luckett’s character as Rochelle Cross.  Each character brings out their true selves and their personality.


You don’t want to miss this show that is filled with drama, high emotions and scandals you would never believe.  Tune in on September 3, 2019 at 10 PM EST only on the OWN channel.


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