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Get Sassy With It! Author and Entrepreneur Noyek Growing the Writing Community


Noyek better known as the “Sassy Writer” is an author herself, but with her brand “The Sassy Writer” organization in the works, she has a lot of great writing tips and resources for authors, bloggers and writers. Noyek is planning to release two new books later on in 2020, but in the meantime, her goal is to help writers fund their dreams with a writer’s grant she has created.  In her newsletter “Books, Boys and Blunts,” she spotlights a writer or an author displaying all the successful things they are doing. 


“The stories I write, they are sassy. I don’t even remember how the name came about, but it worked perfectly with describing me”




BLAQ STARDOM MAGAZINE: Tell us a little bit about yourself? What do you do?

NOYEK: Heyyy! Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity. Hmm, about me – well, I just enjoy a good story. It is literally the driving force behind my being. I read to perfect my storytelling skills. In fact, I am the self-proclaimed Cardi B of storytelling. I can do that, right??


BLAQ: LOL Yes that’s fine.  And you are welcome for this opportunity.  You are doing some wonderful and amazing things!


BLAQ: How did the “Sassy Writer” come about? What was your inspiration behind that?

NOYEK: Great question. It came about just meshing me at heart to my craft. Naturally, I am sassy. The stories I write, they are sassy. I don’t even remember how the name came about, but it worked perfectly with describing me. The brand is designed to give anyone else who is looking for a creative beacon, the confidence that we can connect because I understand your rebel ways.


BLAQ: Let’s talk about your weekly newsletter “Boys, Books and Blunts” How did you come up with the title and the idea?

NOYEK: This is actually crazy. I do not smoke, never have, but I have no qualm if you choose to. In fact, I’ve always thought, “why not legalize it?”, but that’s another subject. The title itself is a nod to the fact that life is about balance. When I was younger, my mom used to say, Books and boys don’t mix. Well, I’m grown now, and momma I got this!  You’re not going to tell her I said this, right?


BLAQ: Nope! I promise! (laughs)


BLAQ: What does the newsletter Intel?

NOYEK: We spotlight a weekly writer. It can be an author, poet, or blogger, just a writer. We also give a weekly writing tip. In addition to that, any interesting happenings are highlighted there.


BLAQ: I like the fact that you spotlight different authors and writers weekly.  How many have you spotlighted this year alone?

NOYEK: Yes, it is actually my favorite part. There are sooo many incredible writers, and the web is bottomless, so it’s always amazing to be able to introduce creative greats to someone who may not have come across them. So far this year there have been nine. The goal is 26 total by year’s end!


BLAQ: I see that you are an author as well.  Tell us more about your journey and how many books you have penned so far? 

NOYEK: I am!  I actually started blogging short tales before publishing. The feedback was crazy. Like, I thought I was good, but it was gratifying to see others enjoyed the stories as well. I have two books so far. The first is an Urban erotica collection. The latter is an urban thriller.


BLAQ: Are you currently working on any new book projects? If so, when can we expect them to be published?

NOYEK: Uh, four releases in 2020. So, that should be a thrilling ride.


BLAQ: What other writing resources do you offer besides the ones on your website?

NOYEK: There are a few more things in the works, more downloadable templates that may be helpful. I am also working on a guide that will be available within the next couple of months.


BLAQ: Have you thought about putting together writing events for your brand? If you have already done one, how was that like?

NOYEK: I have yet to do this! I have definitely brainstormed it a bit for the upcoming year, but for the remainder of 2019, it will be more so supporting other’s events.


BLAQ: The idea of the Sassy Money Grant is a great one.  How does that work if someone applies to the grant? What is the process like?

NOYEK: This is my baby! The grant is open to all writers of any background. The application can be submitted on my website. The recipient will be determined by a third party, based on the quality of the answers. It’s a pretty short application, only about 10 questions. The entry fee is $5. For the month of September, I am giving away free entries. So, make sure we are connected on the Sassy Writers’ Ig account.


BLAQ: Do you have a writing style?

NOYEK: It is very conversational when you are speaking content writing, and when you are speaking book writing, it is very casual and relatable. The goal is for you to feel as if you are sitting with the characters during each scene.


BLAQ: What advice do you have for aspiring writers/authors who want to pen their book?

NOYEK: Write! It sounds cliché, but I swear, the primary issues that writers face, especially new, is the actual writing part. Write – get it out of your head and onto the paper. Also, never skip the editing process. Do your research and find and editor in your genre. It makes a difference.


You can connect with The Sassy Writer by visiting her website 

Reach out to her via email at 









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