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Director, Writer and Producer Tyler Perry Joins BET with Two New Shows; Sistas and The Oval


As if you already didn’t know, Tyler Perry is LIT this year! And what I mean about lit is that he is putting out some quality material in the TV Industry.  If you thought all of his movies were good and Madea bringing the laughter and jokes, think again, because his shows written, produced and directed by him himself and now dropping two new original series on BET next month, his game just got even more hotter!



BET Networks gave Perry the green light with two brand new TV series with back to back premier dates with “Sistas” airing on October 9th at 9 EST and then his other show “The Oval” the same date and network at 10 PM EST. BET has grown with new shows and new drama to come on the screen! With other shows likes “Tales” directed by Irv Gotti which just wrapped up a new season has already hit the roof.  “Sista’s” is about four women who comes from different walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: “Being Single”


You will just have to wait until next month to catch all the tea and drama with the new series.


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