Micheal B. Jordan Isn’t Just “Bae” He’s a Game Changer in His Own Way

“Hey Auntie!” You can definitely thank Director and Writer Ryan Coogler for giving him that catchy-phrase movie in “Black Panther” to the award-winning and still cuter than ever, Michael B. Jordan.  This 32-year old actor is definitely on Hollywood’s A-List from films like “Fruitvale Station” and lets not forget “The Fantastic Four” But the ground-breaking movie was “Black Panther” playing the villain of Killmonger.  From producing alongside with Oprah Winfrey (OWN Network) on the new TV series “David Makes Man” http://www.oprah.com/app/david-makes-man.html   to owning his own production company “Outlier Society,”   https://shadowandact.com/michael-b-jordans-outlier-society-production-company-announces-internship-and-mentorship-program-for-underrepresented-youth Jordan has it all.  As a leading African-American male and actor from New Jersey, he definitely gives back to his community never forgetting where he came from and giving young African-American men and women internships at this company.


Photo Credit by BFA/Courtesy of Coach
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 10: Michael B. Jordan is seen outside Coach during New York Fashion Week September 2019 on September 10, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

That’s the way it should be done; giving back to your community and never forgetting where you came from.  Jordan is definitely a prime example of that visiting his hometown and high school when possible.  Besides his cute dimples and fresh to death style, he has the mind of an actor and an advocate which many actors may not display.  Congratulations is definitely in order for this young millennial as he represents the face of Coach! That is definitely a big deal because how many times have you seen an African-American male on the face of a dynamic brand such as Coach? For the New York Fashion Week,  he brought a few teens from his hometown along with some interns from the company so they can see what he sees.  Jordan isn’t just an actor who collects the bag and walks away; but by creating a path for these young kids in his community, Jordan is the mentor any child should have.  But that’s not all, as the global ambassador of Coach itself,  he wanted to show them the inside ropes of the fashion world which Jordan is now dibbling and dabbing into—a great face indeed!

In case you are wondering, the purpose of Outlier Society, it is to provide underrepresented communities with access to internships and mentor ships and opening the doors of entertainment and the arts.  “David Makes Man” is definitely part of that vision which by the way is an excellent TV series on the OWN Network.  Not only is “Bae” giving us bae vibes, but haven’t you also heard that this millenial game-changer will be starring in a new movie called “Just Mercy”   https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4916630/ playing the lead role of Bryan Stevenson, a young lawyer defending an African-American guy wrongfully accused.  This movie will be out in December.

Bae or not, Jordan is definitely making boss moves with his dimples, swag and all!






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