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Let’s Connect

By Renata N.  Rafiel



When we say the word intimacy, we automatically think of SEX, right. Did you know that two people can be intimate without being sexual?  Intimacy is defined as close familiarity and there are many ways to experience this closeness and personal connection without jumping into bed.  Let’s chat about ways to discover intimacy without taking off our clothes!


Emotional Intimacy

So many people are afraid to open themselves up emotionally or they tend to make themselves emotionally unavailable.  Developing an emotional connection requires both partners to willingly share deep desires and feelings. You’re able to experience moments of joy and pain with your partner. Once this happens, the powerful connection had been made.


Intellectual Intimacy

I like to call this love-making in the mind. This form of intimacy consists of you and your partner being able to share and discuss thoughts about life and general interests. Intellectual intimacy involves an understanding of certain topics such as politics and current events. There must be a level of respect in each other’s’ views.  A way to build a strong intellectual intimacy is through having meaningful conversations with your partner. This is my favorite level of intimacy to experience because I absolutely love a purposeful conversation. It allows me to make that mindful connection. These moments bring you closer because you have shared intellectual intimacy.


Spiritual Intimacy

It feels amazing to make that soulful connection with someone. It’s about learning to connect with your partner on a spiritual level.  This level requires an understanding for each other’s morals, values, and beliefs. Whether these beliefs are in a higher power or a greater purpose, there must be an agreement with each other regarding those beliefs.


The different levels of intimacy are vital to build strong healthy relationships.  Take some time to explore and discover a deeper connection with your partner.


~Renata N. Rafiel is the Owner and CEO of Purposeful N Pretty.  You can check out her website by visiting Follow her on IG @purposefulandpretty




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