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BlaQ Book Review: Mommy I Have a Secret by Lisa D. Caldwell

The BSM Book Club proudly welcome a new book into the family! A new author and a native of Hampton, VA Lisa Caldwell pens her very first book called “Mommy I Have a Secret” This is a proud and exciting moment for BSM because the EIC is originally from Suffolk, Virginia.  The purpose and goal of BSM Book Club is to highlight authors in the community and to pick books that are entertaining yet inspiring at the same time.  


This title is very interesting and eye-catching for various reasons because as a reader you are wondering what secret does she really have.  Of course a lot of people that look into the title tries to figure out what the book is really about.  The cover is really simple (in a good way).  Butterflies seem to be the theme of the book all the way through.  The vector picture of the girl is straight to the point.  A lot of children’s book covers doesn’t have to be over the top and dramatic.  It’s all about the content of the book rather than trying to 100% impress the readers with the cover. I also like how the author has butterflies on every other page, very unique and significant.  I am wondering if the author has a thing for butterflies.  The whole general message of this book is sexual abuse within children and this can be a very touchy topic as well if it happens to small children.  The author was very brave to telling her story of how she was sexually abused at a very young age.  A lot of people wouldn’t even dare tell their own personal story, but they don’t realize they are helping others as well by sharing it!  This is more than a regular children’s book, but a testimony and an educational piece.


As far as the illustrations, they were really good and straight to the point.  Nothing over-the-top once again.  If it’s for a children’s book, you don’t have to have illustrations on every single page.  So I like the fact that the illustrator didn’t put pictures on every single page, but added the butterflies instead.  Overall the book was very well-written and straight to the point telling the story and at the end giving inspiration and encouraging messages to how to handle a situation of child abuse.


You can purchase or download her book on Amazon today!

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