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BET The Oval: An Overview on the Good, the Bad and The Crazy!!!


ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 20: Tyler Perry (c) and cast of Oval attend the Oval and Sistas screenings at Southern Exchange on October 20, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET)


Tyler Perry is always on fire creating new content whether it’s a movie, a play or a TV Series.  This time around is not one, but two brand spanking NEW TV Series called “The Oval” and “Sistas” The absolute one thing I can really enjoy about Perry’s craft is that his writing concepts are so vivid and you can really put yourself in all of his stuff! The creativity he has continuously blessed us with leaves us hungry for more, because after on episode, you are dying to know what will happen in the next episode! Take 2013 “The Haves and Have Nots” for instance.  This show has been running strong for over five years and just when you thought, it could have gotten boring, it really didn’t, because Perry is always putting his foot into his work creating these crazy plot twists that you didn’t really see coming!  The show is getting juicier each time with no material running out! That’s how talented Perry really is! If you don’t know who he is, now is the perfect time to google him and familiarize yourself with him and his work. 

His two new scripted television series “The Oval” and “Sistas” both aired last night and let me tell you, both shows are GOOD! I am glad that Perry has partnered up with BET to air both on his shows on Wednesdays both 9 EST and 10 EST. If you didn’t watch the season premiere of neither, shame on you because you are missing out on two of hottest TV series.  You are probably wondering why I am so excited over two TV series and the answer is I watch TV all the time and I enjoy catching up on new shows as well as old shows.  I’m an entertainment fanatic and writing about it is good for the soul!

Now let’s get down to the break-down of the show “The Oval” This week I will have episode one of “Sistas” on the blog.  “The Oval” is about newly-elect President Franklin and his wife Victoria Franklin alongside with their children, Gayle and Jason Franklin who moves into the White House where history is always in the making.  The show stars Kron Moore as Victoria Franklin (First Lady of the white house), Ed Quinn (2 Broke Girls) as Hunter Franklin (president), Paige Hurd, (A Girl Like Grace 2015) as Gayle Franklin (daughter), Daniel Crox Henderson as Jason Franklin (son), Lodric D. Collins as Donald Winthrop (Head Butler), Vaughn Hebron (Titti Do You Love Me 2018) as Barry Hallsen, Ciera Payton (She’s Gotta Have It 2019) as Lilly Winthrop (fashion designer), Ptosha Storey (Empire 2015) as Nancy Hallsen (mother to Barry Hallsen) and Teesha Renee as Sharon (girlfriend of Barry Hallsen)


Another thing I love about  the casting of Perry’s shows and movies is that he is willing to give other actors and actresses a chance to shine; it’s not the same old celebrities you see on almost every TV or Movie screen.  There is a variety of new actors and actresses that some people may not even know.  The episode starts out when Victoria Franklin (Moore) is looking into the mirror and her husband Hunter (Quinn) tries to be nice to her and talk to her like any civilized married couple would do.  For some strange reason, she is portraying this bitter black woman just like Kimberly Elise’s part in Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” You honestly don’t know what’s going through her mind or why she is so angry at her husband.  After she has told her husband to move out the way and take his hands off of her several times before she spat in his face and starts kicking him and fighting him physically.  Now this scene is so crazy because the newly-elected President and his family is suppose to be getting ready for the inauguration ball, but instead they get into a pretty nasty fight where you see the president bleeding from his head.  Then one of the servants comes into the room and asked if everything is okay and if they are ready; they both are still on the floor with First Lady being on top with the president pinned down.  She responds that she needs hair and make up and the president responded that he needed make up.  This is just generally crazy and funny all at the same time because no one expected a physical fight like like so early on in the show, let alone pretend that everything is peaches and cream when they exit their suite into the public eye; smiling like nothing happened at all.  

Now the daughter Gayle (Hurd) is just as plain evil as evil can be! Her mother has a small “verbal” conversation  with her daughter to the fact she starts threatening her.  Like what! Not only does the First Lady and President has a physical fight, but her daughter and her has a verbal disagreement about Gayle not wanting to go to the ball unless her boyfriend goes, but First Lady refuses and Gayle throws a tantrum.  But when First Lady spooks her a little and threatens her, she begins to shed some tears.  Man this episode is filled with violence and threats while all in private portraying themselves as the “perfect” family.  So of course Gayle doesn’t still go to the ball, but came  back high and drunk.  This is completely different from when the Obamas and their children were in the white house.  I don’t think it was that much chaos, but for this new family they are all over the place.  So Grace continues being disrespectful to all of the servants and sees eye candy Barry (Hebron) standing there.  Her original servant Hannah that was assigned to her was suppose to take her up to her suite, but Grace refuses and demands for Barry to escort her instead.  As demanded, he follows Hannah to lead the way not knowing what he is getting himself into.  Once they reached the room, she asked for Hannah to leave and when Barry tries to leave, Gayle stops him and slams the door right in Hannah’s face!  Talking about rude and sarcastic, she is really showing her true colors.  Gayle makes a move on Barry trying to get physical and when she begins to pry at his pants, he accidentally knocks her head on the bed post and she goes unconscious. That should get her attention! But when she regains consciousness thanks to Hannah, Gayle accuses Barry of rapping her.  Now do you really think people are going to believe the drunk daughter over Barry who is innocent as ever.  Poor dude didn’t even wanted to walk Gayle to her room since he was only visiting his dad helping him move some boxes for the President.   

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 20: Tyler Perry (c) and cast of Oval attend the Oval and Sistas screenings at Southern Exchange on October 20, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET)


We will just have to wait until next Wednesday at 9 PM EST to find out what happens and who the people will believe, Barry or Gayle.  In a separate post, I will talk about another situation that happened on the show that I didn’t discuss yet.  It’s so much to digest in one episode, so I will be breaking them down weekly. 


EIC Patrice Rivers

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