BlaQ Her-Story with J.C. Sykes

“I believe my writing style is realistic. Even when I’m writing fiction, I add real life scenarios and real-life characters of people I know or even briefly met to make it real.”



JC is an influential writer of multiple genre’s. This award winning author is a native of St.
Louis, Missouri, and the mother of three daughters and one son. The four of their initials make up her memoirs’ title; A.R.R.A. pronounced(era). A talented artist of many trades including carpentry, JC enjoys making furniture. Giving back to her community through mentor-ship and life coaching serves her heart’s purpose. This innovative wife and mother is the youngest of eleven children between both mother and
father; including her deceased twin brother Chase. He died when the two were twenty five
years old. JC began keeping a journal at nine years old. She is the embodiment of selflessness
and determination. An intelligent, creative, and loving individual. It’s said that one’s mistakes sets the boundaries of where they end up in life. JC is not one to live by common expectations of society. She’s a barrier breaker! Always striving to be better than yesterday, JC embraces self education as a mentor and leader. This home grown entrepreneur does it all! From construction to women’s beauty; dedication, and a good attitude branded her the nickname, Kween among her peers. When this woman puts her mind to something there’s nothing that can stop her.


BLAQ STARDOM MAG: Tell us about how you got into writing. Was it something you were always interested in?

JC: I’ve loved to write ever since I was a little girl. I kept a diary and journals that I wrote just about everything in. I got into writing more as an adult following a deep depression and going through therapy. It started out as an assignment that turned into my first book.

BLAQ STARDOM: How did you come up with the title of your book? The acronym is very unique. What inspired that title?

JC: The title of my book My A.R.R.A is centered around my children. It’s actually the initials of all their first names in order from oldest to youngest. My book wouldn’t be the same without them. A lot of the manuscript is centered around my kids.


BLAQ STARDOM: What genres are your books?

J.C. My book genres are nonfiction, young adult fiction, realistic fiction, informative, multi-generational, tantric sex, juvenile nonfiction and children’s books.

BLAQ STARDOM: How does it feel to be an award-winning author?

JC: It’s humbling to be an award-winning author. It’s an honor I never imagined but appreciate. Just knowing I wrote well enough to be awarded is fulfilling.

BLAQ STARDOM: As an author, what do you hope to gain in your successful career?

JC: I hope the build an influential brand that promotes leadership and self-reliance. I hope to earn the hearts of readers through authentic transparency. 

BLAQ STARDOM: Name three things you enjoy about writing? Is it therapeutic for you?

JC: My mission is “Write to Heal”, so first and foremost writing is unquestionably therapeutic for me. It’s my first passion in life, and I love the fact that I can express things better by writing them.

BLAQ STARDOM: What do you expect the readers to gain from reading your book?

JC: I expect my readers to gain encouragement, Inspiration, and grasping the idea of self-reliance from my book. My readers are truth seekers whom I can relate too and can relate to me.

BLAQ STARDOM: Do you have a particular writing style you use?

JC: I believe my writing style is realistic. Even when I’m writing fiction, I add real life scenarios and real-life characters of people I know or even briefly met to make it real.

BLAQ STARDOM: Besides writing, what are your hobbies? What makes JC happy?

JC: I’m a jack of a lot of trades. I’m a carpenter by trade and love building things. From homes to furniture. My favorite hobby is cutting hair. One day I’ll open my own barbershop. I’m very arts and crafty so during the holiday seasons, I make wreaths which is  fun for me. Interior design is also a gift. A lot of times I not only build or rebuild homes, I help design them from layout to decorations when their finished. I enjoy braiding hair, doing eye lashes, and re-twisting and styling locs. I love to dance, and make sure people around me are having a good time. Traveling is my favorite relaxing hobby.  

BLAQ STARDOM: What does being an author mean to you?

JC: Being an author means responsibility to me. It gives you a sense of making sure your readers are entertained and kept up to date with what I offer in my writing.

BLAQ STARDOM: For a new author planning to write their first book, what advice would you give them?

JC: My best advice to a new author is to WRITE! Don’t go back to read what you wrote or edit it. Just write and keep writing. Always keep a notebook with you, and NEVER depend on your memory to remember a cool idea, name, idea, etc.

BLAQ STARDOM: Will you be writing any new books in the near future?

JC: Yes! I currently have 11 books in progress. Each at different stages and at least three being released this year is the plan.

BLAQ STARDOM: How can readers connect with you?

JC: Readers can connect with me right now via email or on any of my social media platforms. My website is currently under construction and will be available soon.


Facebook: Chase Publishing

Instagram: j.c_sykes

LinkedIn: JC Sykes

Twitter: jcsykes8


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