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Friday Feature with Homeower and Real Estate Broker Rakeisha Smitherman-Muiruri

Rakeisha Smitherman-Muiruri is a homeowner and a Real Estate Broker of 10+ years. She specializes in helping first-time buyers, investors and military relocation. She is the author  of the highly requested and needed book titled “First Time Home buyers Workbook: 13 Steps to Get You Home”. 


Blaqversity Magazine would like to present Friday Features with Successful Men and Women Business Owners in their community.  Rakeisha has a passion to help new homeowners and those families or people interested in buying their first home.  She has created a workbook sharing helpful information and content on what you will need to know. 


“I want people to understand with proper information, preparation and professional guidance, home ownership is absolutely attainable! Using this workbook will get them HOME!”



When starting a business or getting into entrepreneurship, the number one thing is having the passion to do what you enjoy doing.  What is the point of starting a business and you don’t have a passion for it?  Rakeisha has shared inspiration and her motivation to why she enjoys tutoring and mentoring first-time home-buyers. 


“My inspiration came from working with many first time home buyers, their questions and the assumptions about buying a home. Additionally my own experience of desiring a home for my daughter and myself. No one in my family owned a home so it seemed out of reach”


“First Time Home buyers Workbook: 13 Steps to Get You Home” is a complete, layman’s terms workbook for those who desire home ownership, but have no idea how to get there. The workbook will walk you through preparing to buy, getting preapproved for a mortgage and the entire purchasing process including what questions to ask and things to be aware of. It is available in eBook or print format on .


Rakeisha has been in the real estate and broker industry for over a decade.  Visit her website today to purchase your first-time home buyer workbook.  You can either purchase the eBook version or the paperback.


Instagram: @houstonrealestatepro

This feature is brought to you by Blaqversity Magazine. If you are interested in being featured, please email 








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