Book Review: Ugly Love by Shaleea Venney



For March, BlaQVersity Magazine has read and reviewed a book written by Best-selling author Shaleea Venney. The book is a poetry book called “Ugly Love”  This isn’t your ordinary poetry book, because the author takes a page or two out of her book in her life and created a story of heartbreak, bad love, cheating and all that good stuff that makes love ugly.  Shaleea is very vivid and creative with her words and throughout each page, it painted a picture.  I can almost taste and feel the pain.  Ladies if you are going through a very bad break up in a relationship or your boyfriend/husband has cheated on you, this book is great to read as you grieve and can relate to just about all of the poems.  Blaqversity would like to pick out the top three poems in the book that was marked as our favorites.


~Hurting So Badly

“I’m hurting so badly that I can’t get out of bed. I think I have a bad case of dumbass-it is  that’s metastasized to my head. How could I let you hurt me when I knew you weren’t worth it? That’s all my fault, like maybe I deserve it”

Wow! Isn’t this line powerful or what? How many of you ladies or men can relate to this? Hurt in an emotional state is really powerful and it can have you feeling some type of way; especially depressed.


~You Got The Wrong One

“I wish it was easy and I could just magically erase my memory, like I could zap it out of my mind and forget everything you did to me..”

When you have been with someone for so long, it is very hard to erase the memories from your mind.  Even if you wouldn’t to, you really couldn’t


~Dear Side Piece

“I was married to him I get it, we took those vows. But a man will only do what another woman will allow. You didn’t value yourself enough to say no to a married man, when there are so many men out there who are free. You screwed each other for sur, but you also both screwed me..”


I think this line stuck out more than the rest because as a single woman who accepts a married man into her life knowing that he is married means that you know about the wife/main chick, but you still continue to be with him.  What would you do in this particular situation if you are a married woman or man and you find out that your spouse has someone else on the side?


There are so many other great poems in the book, but love has a way of playing games and love can be tricky at times. You just have to know how to play your cards right.  Relationships/marriages are never perfect, but if you find yourself tempted or falling out of love with your spouse or significant other, then the best way to handle things is by communicating.  That’s how a lot of relationships/marriages fail because there is no communication.  I do recommend this book “Ugly Love” to all the book readers and lovers out there who is looking for a great read.  Shaleea Venney is definitely a storyteller for sure!


You can go to Amazon and download the book straight to your kindle device or phone


Visit her website at




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