Author Feature with Children Book and Young Adult Author Allistar Banks

Allistar Banks was born and raised in McCormick South Carolina. Ms. Banks is a graduate of Lander University in Greenwood, SC and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications in 2013. The Author has been featured in the Index-Journal, The Press and Banner, McCormick Messenger, and in Lander University’s magazine for her books. Ms. Banks has been featured on various print and online media as well.


It was because writing gives me an outlet to express myself and I love using my creativity and imagination.”


BLAQVERSITY MAGAZINE: How did your journey as an author began?

ALLISTAR BANKS: When I was in the fourth grade, my fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Jones saw my talent for storytelling and bringing characters to life with my wild imaginations. Then, she told me to enter into a children’s picture book story contest. I wrote a book called The Sorcerer and the Magic Pond where Henry learns to use his powers for good and not for evil. Into my college and adult years, I went through a series of challenging events in my life that lead me to expressing my experiences and feelings and emotions and hence discovering that I learned some valuable life lessons from my parents getting divorced, friendships, love relationships, and much more.

BLAQVERSITY: Was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue? Who motivated you?

ALLISTAR:  It was because writing gives me an outlet to express myself and I love using my creativity and imagination. My journalism teacher Mr. Land motivated me to go into journalism and become a Writer.

BLAQVERSITY: What are some of your favorite authors out right now?

ALLISTAR: Rachel Hollis, James Patterson, Dorothea Benton Frank, and Nicholas Sparks.

BLAQVERSITY: Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

ALLISTAR: I have experienced schools, home school groups, and Christian organizations that have a small budget and therefore can’t afford to pay me.

BLAQVERSITY: How many books have you written? What is your genre?


ALLISTAR: I have written five books which are called Girl Rise, Cracking the Happy Weight Code, Spring Brings Summer, A Colorful Balloon Ride, and Lenny the Lizard and His Green Scarf. My genre is children and self-help for young adults.

BLAQVERSITY: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

ALLISTAR: I want them to leave feeling happy and positive and to have healthy relationships with others and food.

BLAQVERSITY: Do you have any writing tips/suggestions for any new author who wants to write their book but doesn’t know where to start?

ALLISTAR:  I have been using a book outline from self-publishing school. 

BLAQVERSITY: Are you currently working on any new book projects? If so, when can we expect them to be released?

ALLISTAR: I am working on several novels and one coming of age poetry book. I have one confirmed title for my book and it’s called Sarah’s Story. I am working on my second book to Girl Rise which is a series, doing a book about how I survived the divorce of my parents’, how I came to love and accept my step-mom and half siblings. My Girl Rise series takes Alli Billings from struggling with low-self-worth and toxic love to having high self-worth and a loving relationship that leads to marriage and having a family.

Release date TBA.

BLAQVERSITY: What does being an author mean to you?

ALLISTAR: It means being able to share my message to those that need my help when it comes to being happy and positive when times are hard and having healthy relationships with others and food. Doing so, I inspire others to go after their life’s passion.

BLAQVERSITY: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

ALLISTAR: I see myself being a full-time author.


BLAQVERSITY: If you could co-author with any author in the world, who would it be and why?

ALLISTAR: Rachel Hollis because I can relate to her personal experiences.

BLAQVERSITY: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author? Do you find it to be challenging at times when promoting your books?

ALLISTAR: I find it to be challenging because I have a mixed audience to reach and that are parents and millennials and high school students.

BLAQVERSITY: How can readers connect with you and support you?

ALLISTAR: They can connect with me through social media, follow my blog, buy my books, like, comment, and share my blog and social media posts.



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Author: That Riverz Gurl

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