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Author Feature with Erotic and Romance Author R.K. Renton

R.K Renton Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, but her heart is always in Minnesota .R.K holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Services. She is the middle child. A wife and mother of five. In her spare time, if she is not writing, she is thinking about writing and keeps her red book of ideas close by or she is reading. A little of R.K is in every story. The journey is figuring out what is true and what is fiction. R.K is a hopeless romantic.


Invest in Grammarly, join a few writing groups and beta readers; those that will help read your work and give you honest feedback.”



BLAQVERSITY MAGAZINE: How did your journey as an author began?

R.K. RENTON: I started writing as a child short stories. I picked my pen a few years ago after the murder of my nephew in 2014 I wanted a way to writing about the loss and pain I felt. The more I wrote about that day and the years follow depression would take hold, so I started reading to take my mind off of things. The more I read my own ideas started to arise. Took me a year and half to write my first two books, but I did it and love doing.

BLAQVERSITY: Was becoming a writer something, you always wanted to pursue? Who motivated you?

R.K. RENTON: Yes,  My husband and children encouraged me to keep going no matter what.

BLAQVERSITY: What are some of your favorite authors out right now?

R.K. RENTON: King Penn, Sonya B, Zoe Ray, Francesca Penn, S.K Lessly, K.K Harris Hadley Raydeen, Shani Green-Dowell and L.Loren to name a few and this just a few.

BLAQVERSITY: Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

R.K. RENTON: All of them, I didn’t know what I was doing I just wanted to write. I had to get over my own fear of my learning disability. “Will this make a sense. But I my brain works this way and not this way.” The fear of rejection. Building a fan base which I call sowing a seed. I became a fan of many authors first and made sure I did the work. Left reviews, supported their pages and became what I call and Live reader. Introduce myself and then blow up their messengers while I read their books with my reactions.

BLAQVERSITY: How many books have you written?

R.K. RENTON: I published two books so far.


BLAQVERSITY: What is your genre?

R.K. RENTON: Romance/Erotic

BLAQVERISTY: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

R.K. RENTON: I drop plenty of life nuggets throughout my writing. Mainly fight for love no matter what it looks like. Communication is key and talk dirty along the way. Oh, and try not to lay hands on people, but if you must do it classy. LOL

BLAQVERSITY: Do you have any writing tips/suggestions for any new author who wants to write their book but doesn’t know where to start?

R.K. RENTON: Invest in Grammarly, join a few writing groups and beta readers; those that will help read your work and give you honest feedback. Check out Reedsy and Dabble for writing, they are great formats and with Reedsy you don’t have to worry about formatting your e-book or paperback. If you read for fun keep it that way. It hard to not compare yourself to others, but you write what excites you and read what keeps you motivated. Example I read dirty but write more romance. Have fun looking for covers. Come up with unique titles and rent them in Amazon to see if you will see books with the same titles.

BLAQVERSITY: Are you currently working on any new book projects?

R.K. RENTON: Yes, Beautiful Disaster and Hidden Shadows.

BLAQVERSITY: When can we expect them to be released?

R.K. RENTON: Beautiful Disaster will be dropping April 19,2020 their stories are intertwined with my first two books The Sounds of Heartbreak, so you don’t want to read them out of order.

BLAQVERSITY: What does being an author mean to you?

R.K. RENTON: It means that creative side I have ignored for so long is alive and blossoming.  I have created bonds and a sisterhood with women I don’t even know, and we support and encourage on another and for a woman with no sister a naturally is an introvert it’s a blessing.

BLAQVERSITY: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

R.K. RENTON: I’m currently working on my Master’s Degree in Human Recourses. After I graduated, I moved out of Nebraska and I want to either live in Tennessee or Georgia. I want to have a massive catalog of books with the aspiration of being turning into a movie, on Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Hallmark and Passionflix, (Speaking Life) Maybe a grandma I have grown children. I see myself successful and building a great career of writing and helping other find their dreams.

BLAQVERSITY: Have you ever thought about being an author full-time?

R.K. RENTON: I am. My daughter had surgery over year ago and momma had to quit her job to take care of her and while she gets back on her feet. I don’t have a desire to work a nine to five unless it brings change to my community and the people I’m around.  

BLAQVERSITY: If you could co-author with any author in the world, who would it be and why?

R.K. KENTON: I would have to say every one of the authors I listed. They all bring something to the table that I love. Some are freakier than I am in my writing. I would love to see their freak with my emotions or their paranormal with my hopeless romantic.

BLAQVERSITY: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author.

R.K. KENTON: Right now, I post to groups on Facebook that offer book promotion. I don’t do it daily like some.

BLAQVERSTY:  Do you find it to be challenging at times when promoting your books?

R.K.RENTON: I do now that I am in school, so my focus has shifted. I am still active on my Facebook page and private groups, but need to look into hiring someone who will go hard for my work as I write new books and finish my schooling.

BLAQVERSITY: How can readers connect with you and support you?

R.K. KENTON: You can find me on Facebook an Instagram.. R.K Renton and my private group R.K Korner I post all kinds of things in there. But both of my pages are setup to promote my work and the works of others that I have read and admired. My website will be  coming soon.



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