Author Feature with Non-Fiction Author Yolanda “‘Monique” Coleman (Elder)

Elder Yolanda “Monique” Coleman was born May 26, 1970 in South Jamaica Queens, New York. She is married to Elder Jerome Coleman of twenty-two years. She is a mother of a “blended” family which consist of eight adult children and twelve grandchildren combined.  Elder Yolanda Coleman is the only child born to her mother, Cheryl Pinkney-Jones. She graduated from Satellite Academy High School in June 1989 and her first child was born three days after graduation. She graduated in 2006 from John Tyler Community College with her Associates in Human Services: Substance Abuse. She later graduated in 2013 from Liberty University with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology: Christian Counseling. In 2015, her studies led her to South University under their Doctorates in Ministry program where she is currently attending. She took biblical training classes in Evangelism and received a certificate of completion and her Evangelism license from St. Paul’s Church of Christ Disciples of Christ, Bronx NY in 1999. She attended Mason Kelly Washington Religious Training Institute where she successfully completed Chaplains Ecosystems and received a Para Chaplain badge in 2001. Where she and her husband ministered the Word of God in the prisons of New York City. Elder Yolanda Coleman is the CEO and Founder of F.A.I.T.H. (Families Attaining Integrity Thru Hope) Mentoring Program, Hearts Desire Wedding Officiant, and holds public office as a Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Elder Yolanda Coleman and her husband Minister Jerome Coleman both hosted an Internet radio talk show called L.I.F.E. (Living in Freedom Everyday) Broadcast Ministries. Elder Yolanda Coleman is a published Author and released her first book in April 2019 called, “From Broken to Reborn!” She has over nineteen years of experience working in the Human Service field which include substance and alcohol abuse and mental health. With all of Elder Yolanda Coleman’s skills, ability and life experience. She is committed to mentoring at-risk youth, teens and young adults who struggles with addiction, mental health disorders, domestic violence and who is transition from the Criminal Justice back into their communities. Elder Yolanda Coleman prayer is that someone’s life would be healed, delivered and set free. Elder Yolanda Coleman believes in her motto, “Be Stronger Than Your Excuses!”


“No matter what your past was like, it doesn’t predicate your present or future! You are, “Stronger Than Your Excuses!” 


BLAQVERSITY MAGAZINE:  How did your journey as an author began?
YOLANDA COLEMAN: It began when I was a young girl, probably about eight or nine years old.  I was always given notebooks or something to use for drawing or write down my feelings.
BLAQVERSITY: Was becoming a writer something, you always wanted to pursue? Who motivated you?
YOLANDA: I hadn’t considered writing as a career.  I just enjoyed writing and drawing as a hobby. My friend which I call my sister name Ayoka Boyce had motivated me to write.  She thought my story should be told by writing a book.
BLAQVERSITY: What are some of your favorite authors out right now?
YOLANDA: I have no favorite authors at this time.  
BLAQVERSITY: Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?
YOLANDA: The challenge I face as a published Author is writing another book.
BLAQVERSITY: How many books have you written? What is your genre?
YOLANDA: I have written one book and working on my second as we speak. My genre is nonfiction and self-help books.


BLAQVERSITY: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?
YOLANDA: No matter what your past was like, it doesn’t predicate your present or future! You are, “Stronger Than Your Excuses!” 
BLAQVERSITY: Do you have any writing tips/suggestions for any new author who wants to write their book but doesn’t know where to start?
YOLANDA: Yes, start by journaling. Whether it’s in writing, blogging or drawing.  A lot of times you had already begun the first work and didn’t even realize it. Never give up! Quitters never win and Winners never quit. You have to believe in yourself and don’t allow distraction to deter you from writing. Be laser focus!
BLAQVERSITY: Are you currently working on any new book projects? If so, when can we expect them to be released?
YOLANDA: Yes, I’m working on two books actually. My tentative release date for my second book would be June 2020 and Fall 2020. I also have a devotional book coming out by the end of this month.
BLAQVERSITY: What does being an author mean to you? 
YOLANDA: Being an author to me means, that I love to think creatively and love the art of writing. My focus is to produce well-crafted pieces of work for people to be read, be inspired, be empowered and enjoy.
BLAQVERSITY: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
YOLANDA: I cannot predict where I’ll be in five years because God holds my future and his will and plan for my life may not be what I have plan. I’m just taking it one moment at a time.
BLAQVERSITY: Have you ever thought about being an author full-time?
YOLANDA:  No, I haven’t taken this into consideration.  As I previously stated this was not part of my career plan.
BLAQVERSITY: If you could co-author with any author in the world, who would it be and why?
YOLANDA: Joyce Myers.  I enjoy reading majority of her books, especially the self-help books. They are very uplifting and motivational.
BLAQVERSITY: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author? Do you find it to be challenging at times when promoting your books?
YOLANDA: My marketing strategies is using social media as a platform, networking with other authors, connecting to digital and audio books, KDP promotions, create a community or a forum where your readers can connect, share ideas, and talk about your book. Social media platforms change but the need for community never goes away. Take your book along to craft fairs, vendor fairs, wedding fairs — anywhere that people who are interested in the same topic as you are writing on might hang out. And who knows what wider connections will come from that… maybe someone will contact you to speak, or to consult with them. Go with an open mind and see where it leads.
BLAQVERISITY: How can readers connect with you and support you?
YOLANDA: You could connect to me on social media and by email.
Facebook: Yolanda M Pinkney-Coleman (Elder)
Instagram: @elder_monique_ Email:
Twitter: @LadyMonique 2
LinkedIn: Yolanda M Pinkney-Coleman
Periscope: elderyola



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