Guest Post: Learning about the Stigma of Mental Health in the African American Community

Written by Jasi Green  
Guest Writer
My home is  very quiet where the children and I have peace and solitude. Moments like these, I grab my pen and journal to take full advantage of my thoughts. One of my primary goals for 2020,  is to bring more awareness about mental, emotional and psychological health to the African American community.
Living with a mental health diagnosis is the best way to give back to my community to talk about issues that have been ignored for years;  the time is now.
Why is mental health often overlooked in the African American community? That is thereason why I joined the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, however, according to the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, African Americans are 10% more likely to experience serious psychological distress.
Educating our community and breaking barriers can help us overcome and own our diagnoses. Anytime we share our scars we feel vulnerable and the vulnerability result is not getting a proper diagnosis from a mental health professional.
A mental illness such as depression or post traumatic disorder can affect anyone. Yes, we can overcome anything and the God I serve is bigger than any diagnosis. Living with a mental illness doesn’t make you weak.
Sharing your story with others is not only a healthy coping mechanism but it is a step forward in raising awareness. 



~Jasi Green





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