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From 20 Years Behind Bars to Entrepreneurship

Joseph  E.  Dames,  III  also  known  by  his  nickname,  Junior  Man,  was  born  in Stuart,  FL.  Most  of  his  youth  was  spent  as  a  hard-headed,  rebellious  man-child  trying  to  navigate  the  urban  streets  of  St.  Petersburg,  FL  where  he grew up.  At  the  age  of  seventeen,  after  a  life-shattering  event,  that  left  him standing  before  a  Pinellas  County  judge  who  pronounced  a  sentence  of 25 years to life, he was forced to let go of his youth and freedom.  While  in  prison,  he,  with  the  encouragement  and  support  of  others,  dug  his way  out  of  a  pit  of  darkness  and  despair  by  seeking  and  gaining  wisdom, knowledge,  and  understanding  that  assisted  in  his  transformation  from man-child to the successful business owner and entrepreneur he is today.  Now,  while  living  a  life  of  abundant  grace  and  with  a  committed  and determined  desire  to  help  deter  the  neighborhood  youth  from  traveling the  path  of  destruction  he  once  traveled,  Junior  Man  has  a  personal mission to “save the children.” 

“I want the reader to be inspired, and understand that even in a dark situation it doesn’t have to stay that way, the situation will get better and there is light at the end”.

BLAQVERSITY MAGAZINE: How did your journey as an author began?

JOSEPH E. DAMES III: My journey began as an author when I was 20 years old serving a life sentence.

BLAQVERSITY: Was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue?

JOSEPH: Absolutely not, I grew into writing and I realized that my story would help at risk youth.

BLAQVERSITY: Who motivated you?

JOSEPH: My mother Charlene Thompson, and Bro. Shabazz.

BLAQVERSITY: What inspired you to write your first book “Collecting My Thoughts”?

JOSEPH: Initially it was for therapeutic reasons but as time went by I realized that I knew that it was a message in there for somebody.

BLAQVERSITY: Is it based on your past life?

JOSEPH: Yes it was based on my past life.

BLAQVERSITY: Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

JOSEPH: A delay in my books being shipped due to COVID-19.

BLAQVERSITY: What genre do you write on?

JOSEPH: Motivational Self Help.

BLAQVERSITY: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

JOSEPH: I want the reader to be inspired, and understand that even in a dark situation it doesn’t have to stay that way, the situation will get better and there is light at the end.

BLAQVERSITY: What does being an author mean to you?

JOSEPH: Being an author allows me inspire and impact the youth who are at risk.

BLAQVERSITY: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

JOSEPH: 5 years from now I see myself as being a successful business owner like my Uncle Aaron “BO” Dames.

BLAQVERSITY: Have you ever thought about being an author full-time?

 JOSEPH: Yes, In order to become a full time author it’s a must that you build your author platform and that is what my team and I are working on.

BLAQVERSITY: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author? Do you find it to be challenging at times when promoting your books?

JOSEPH: The current marketing strategies right now is to focus on building my author platform, which is so vital as an author. Most of our planned events were postponed due to the COVID-19. What’s challenging is the COVID-19 has been a thorn but my team and I had to shift and pivot to online marketing to get my book into the marketplace.

BLAQVERSITY: How can readers connect with you and support you?

JOSEPH: They can visit my website to learn more.

BLAQVERSITY: What are your final thoughts?

JOSEPH: I hope that my book can inspire those who may be on the verge of losing their way or those who’ve already lost their way and are  struggling to get back on track.
Collecting My Thoughts is my story of Redemption and a compilation of short stories that will walk readers through my journey of evolution. For more information about Joseph E. Dames, III visit his website at

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  1. AWESOME! I just read the story featured by Joesph E. Dames III, I know this family well..
    My grandmother‘s home is on the same street “Citrus Avenue” in Hobe Sound, Florida, in which, is the home-front of the “Dames Family”. I know his Father, Grandfather, Aunts & Uncle I grew up with them. I will be purchasing the book and I am very proud to know of this young-man’s. Look forward to reading the book and I am sure it will inspire many ~ God Bless You!!
    Colleen Cooksey-Nelson
    South Carolina

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