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Lisa Y. Washington Author, Intuitive Grief Coach, Talks about Caregiving In The Last Hours


Lisa Washington is an author and an Intuitive Grief Coach. She has spent over twenty years of caring and helping people to value themselves and live a better quality of life; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Lisa has served as CNA, Administrative Assistant, and Scheduler with organizations such as Hospice (17years) and Humana(5 years).  Her current role with Humana is Community Health Educator and Care Coach. Deciding she wants to make a larger impact, Lisa has packaged her experience and passion into her signature coaching program, Soul Coaching. This program is designed to teach her clients how to properly heal from the inside and out.



“Writing about the stories was heart warming because it took me back to a place of happiness and sadness at the same time.”





VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did you get into the career industry as an Intuitive Grief Coach?

LISA WASHIGNTON: I started my career in the  healthcare industry 20 years ago, working 17 years at  Empath Hospice which is what propelled me into becoming an Intuitive Grief Coach.

VERSAFI: Was this something you always pictured yourself doing?

LISA: My plan was to become a Registered Nurse, but I discovered that my purpose and my passion was in educating patients and families while caring for them.

VERSAFI: Tell us about soul coaching?

LISA: Soul Coaching title stemmed from me tapping into my own soul each time, I would be assigned to care for patients and their families. It was an automatic connection.

VERSAFI: What made you want to expand your career experience into coaching?

LISA: When I discovered my gift of being able to build a trusting relationship with my patients who were in their final hours. Shortly thereafter,  I decided to enroll in college and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Human Development and Masters Degree in Human Service Counseling & Life Coach which opened up the opportunities to expand my career.

VERSAFI: In your book In the Last Hours, what message are you trying to get across to your readers?

LISA: My message to my readers is that death and dying does not have to be frowned upon, it can be a beautiful experience once death is accepted.

VERSAFI: You share your heartfelt experiences with death and dying. What was it like writing about those stories?

LISA: Writing about the stories was heart warming because it took me back to a place of happiness and sadness at the same time.

VERSAFI: Piggybacking off your Soul Coaching, where do you see your business in five years?

LISA: In 5 years my goal for my business will be to impact and reach millions of people, whereby I educate them on getting clarity and building confidence from within.

VERSAFI: How many clients do you gain during a month/year?

LISA: The goal is to have between 4-5 continuous clients each month.

VERSAFI: Are there any special programs you offer to your clients?

LISA: Soul Coaching Program for Grief Coaching that includes;

1-Free 30 Minute Consultation

● 1- Follow Up Call

● Access to my Facebook Group-Simplifying Life Together Grief Coaching

VERSAFI: How can readers connect with you?






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