Health and Wellness

Coping Skills for Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness doesn’t seem to get enough recognition, but it is very important to understand our mental health and ways we can cope with them. Here are some ways to cope with mental health.


  1. Positive Vibes Only: You don’t want to invite anybody in your space so try to eliminate all the negative stress that is around you and keep the positive energy going! You will start to feel better.

2. Getting enough rest! A lot of times we don’t get enough rest because we are either up texting, talking on the phone, doing unnecessary work, browsing on social media or watching new movies on BET Plus or Netflix.  Our bodies crave to get the proper rest and without it, we can feel fatigue in the morning, cranky or even stressed.

3. Try some relaxing techniques like deep breathing, muscle relaxation or even mindful exercises.  It’s normal to be tense at times due to stressors, but when you are starting to feel stressed and a little tense, do some deep breathing exercises. Inhale real deep thinking positive and calming thoughts.  Try doing these techniques for ten minutes for each one.

4. Socialize  with  positive people:  Nobody wants to be around backstabbers and negative people who only pollute negative energy.  All those negative vibes then rubs off on you and you definitely don’t want those type of vibes! Be around people that is willing to uplift you, encourage you and even support you!

5. Meditate the mind: In a quiet and calm place, close your eyes and relax your whole body and think about being in a happy place.  You can do  that in silence or with soft calming music in the background to give you a more relaxing feel.


Whatever you practice, just keep in mind that you aren’t perfect and that we all go through some stressful times and we just have to learn how to cope with our stressors and emotional and mental energy that attack our mind.



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