The Family Hustle: Brand Influencer, Renowned Muralist and Actor Builds Empire with Family and His Hustle

Hashim Lafond is the artist, director, producer and brand influencer in Los Angeles,

California who everyone wants to know. As a renowned mural artist, Lafond’s large-
scale street art has attracted thousands of viewers to LA’s busiest spots such as the

famous Melrose Arts District, NBCUniversal and to businesses throughout the area who
have commissioned his works. Hashim, the triple threat, also acts in blockbuster movies
such as Ted 2, The Equalizer, and The Purge 3 as well as TV shows including: Forever,
The Mindy Project and This Is Us. Hashim’s success in producing versatile films is a
testament to his visual creativity and ability to attract a great audience through his
diverse artistic pursuits, for which he has gained thousands of followers as well as
interest and commissions from major brands like Nike and personalities such as Kevin
Hart and Ariana Grande



VERSAFI MAGAZINE: You definitely have a profound and “rich” background history of who you are and what you are doing in your community. What does being a brand influencer mean?


HASHIM LAFOND: Thank you so much. I am honored to be in the space I am in. My family and I have been blessed to model for the Facebook Company, Fisher Price, Hasbro, KidsEmbrace and many more. We also partner with brands that we trust to inform our audience of products and services that we use. For example, we’re throwing a quarantine baby shower for our audiences on Instagram Live on May 8th at 1 PM PST, giving away a whole bunch of prizes to our followers.


VERSAFI: Art and being a dope artist runs in your family. How did that all start for you?


HASHIM: My big brother, Amir Quadeer Shakir, wrote Good Vibrations for Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The song went gold. I grew up with the plaque in my house. Watching him do what he has done in the entertainment industry really inspired me to do what I do now. I’m my mother’s youngest of six. Her rule was that we are a family of artists. Knowing that about ourselves, we operated in society differently. We are all very influential people in our own right.


VERSAFI: Do you feel as though school helped you with your creativity and passion for art?


HASHIM: Most definitely. I was an artist that was praised and recognized throughout my elementary and middle school, winning awards and being commissioned to do work for the principal. I finally went to an art school in high school called Boston Arts Academy. This school helped me hone my skills in every visual art.

VERSAFI: What are three of your most favorite murals you have done and why?


HASHIM: My first favorite one is the Michael Jordan mural I did in West Hollywood. That was me making a name for myself in Los Angeles. It was later featured in a Jordan commercial. At the age of 15, one of my first jobs was with the Boston Mural Crew. We painted a mural in Boston, MA that I snuck a self-portrait in. I only tell people that now, but you’ll see me in a du rag and basketball jersey if you see it. My third favorite is the Steve Harvey mural at NBCUniversal.


VERSAFI: The one mural of the late Kobe Bryant is really good. What was going through your mind when you heard the news of his tragic death?


HASHIM: My heart ached as a father. In Los Angeles, you felt it in the city. Everyone needed to talk about it. I went to Cookies N Kicks in Hollywood and painted a mural on their wall the same day I heard the news of his passing. People came by and we all shared stories to honor Kobe Bryant.


VERSAFI: How did your love of acting come about?


HASHIM: I did a play at my church in Boston. At that time, I have never even been to a play. I played the role of the spirit of Lust and flirted with everyone on stage. I heard a roar of laughter from the congregation. You can hear people stomping and slapping their legs and leaning back hollering. That moment was a defining moment for me. If I can make people feel that way, I’d do it forever.



VERSAFI: Being in well-known movies such as Ted 2, The Equalizer and The Purge 3 is major in the acting industry. What was it like being in those films?


HASHIM: Oh, the Purge 3 was exciting. I learned to use a shotgun in that film. That movie comes up often during this quarantine and not many people know I was one of the shooters in the movie. The movie was shot in Rhode Island. The Equalizer was amazing because I got to work with Denzel Washington – the greatest actor ever. They were amazing opportunities.


VERSAFI: Acting and entertainment has some pretty tough challenges and competition. What would you say sets you apart in the industry?


HASHIM: I have my own audience. During this quarantine, I got to see what I was really made of. I started creating my own content with my family and each video and photo has consistently gone viral. I think we’re onto something.


VERSAFI: Do you have any film projects coming up?


HASHIM: I can’t speak on too many projects that we are working on now, but you can subscribe to my YouTube channel where I can be really candid on these things in due time.




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