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GEM Podcast Radio Host, Entrepreneur, Author and Publisher Talks on New Book on Overcoming Sexual Abuse






“If you want it work for it”


VERSAFI: Congratulations on the new release of your book “Prayers for the Prey.” How did you come up with the title of your book?

ERICA CAPRI: No matter where we go in life, we should pray without ceasing, and women that experience sexual abuse is, unfortunately, labeled as prey due to being hunted by malicious predators.

VERSAFI: What made you want to write a book about overcoming sexual abuse?

ERICA: I witnessed and mentored girls and women who experience sexual abuse, and they all have become lost to move forward in life. I got understand about their abuse and what can help ease their minds.

VERSAFI: Is this, by any chance, a story based upon your past life?


VERSAFI: When each woman purchases your book or downloads it, what message do you hope they take away from your book?

ERICA: That all women will understand the psychology behind sexual abuse.

VERSAFI: Sexual abuse is definitely common in America, and sadly, a lot of women are battered and scarred for life by it. Does your book offer a release or a strategy for women affected by sexual abuse to tell their stories?

ERICA: Yes, it does!

VERSAFI: How many books have you written in total?

ERICA: I have written over 20 books, but only published three.

VERSAFI: Are there any more books you will publish before the year is out?

ERICA: Yes, my children’s books.

VERSAFI: Have you thought about challenging yourself with a new genre?


VERSAFI: Let’s talk about your awesome radio show Gem Podcast. How long have you been a radio host?

ERICA: I have been in communication for several years, but my show has only been launched for three months and has tremendously been successful.

VERSAFI: What is your target audience for your show?

ERICA: Entrepreneurs.

VERSAFI: The name Gem Light is very unique. What was the motivation behind it?

ERICA: There are several hidden gems out there that are unseen, so my company offers them to get the spotlight and exposure they yearn to have.

VERSAFI: What do you hope that each guest on your show achieves?

ERICA: Transformational, Inspiration, and Empowerment, which I call T.I.E.

VERSAFI: Are there any other services your show offers to authors and entrepreneurs?

ERICA: Yes, F.A.B Friday. It is a show that displays the author’s book on a global platform with customized commercials.

VERSAFI: Do you have a quote or motto that you live by to keep you motivated and to keep pressing forward?

ERICA: “If you want it to work for it.”

VERSAFI: For any entrepreneur, author, or person in general that wants to start a podcast but doesn’t know which direction to go, what advice would you give to them?

ERICA: Do not start it if you are not going to be consistent. There are plenty of free platforms start your podcast, but commitment and consistency will get you to a successful platform. It takes a lot of preparation and time, but if you are ambitious and ready to get to the next level, go for it! The sky is the limit!

VERSAFI: What is next for Erica Capri?
ERICA: I will be filming my movie once this coronavirus is over with!

VERSAFI: How can readers and supporters connect with you?
Facebook- Erica T Capri, Author Erica T Sherrill
Business page; Gemlight Publishing L.L.C.
Instagram- @gemlightpublishing
Email; or
Follow GEM TALK (Global Empowerment Media)Podcast on


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