Mental Health Matters: Self-Care Checklist You Should Know



With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, it is important to take care of yourself mentally without overdoing or overthinking.  With a lot of people having businesses and are entrepreneurs, things can get a little out of control with new clientele and new staff to work with.  What about those that are married with kids? How do some balance time between the both? It can all be done and with a mental checklist and a schedule, you will feel and become less stressed and more organized.  Between all that you are going through, don’t forget that self-care is important as well.  We try to do for others and meet deadlines, but forget that our bodies and minds need love as well! 


Release all negative energy! Negativity will only weigh us down so why entertain it?! Block it out your mind, your heart, your soul and your sprit!

Relax yourself and your muscles! Whether you work from home or at an office, give yourself some time away from work just to stretch and relax your brain.  Overdoing it can lead to stress real quick and sometimes a migraine. Taking frequent breaks at work should be a top priority. 

Reading/Reciting affirmations/quotes.  What’s not to love about positive quotes to get your day started? A lot of people keep a journal and write down all their thoughts and affirmations inside.  Do you have some favorite affirmations/quotes you love? Write them down on sticky notes or in a notebook and try reading one a day.  

Meditate! Before you start your day or before you go to bed at night, try taking 30 minutes to relax your mind and clear it from all stress and distractions and get into a happy place in your mind.



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