Children Book Authors

Ashleigh Milligan-Grandpre Stops by the Virtual Book Fair to Share Her book Lily Frog: Oh, Nola!


Ashleigh Grandpre has over 13 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood Education. As an Early Childhood Educator, Ashleigh would search for books to supplement lessons. One day, Ashleigh believed in herself to begin creating her own stories.

Lily is a charming little frog that shares her school and life journey with children, emphasis on ages 3-10 years old. The Love of Pre-K is the first book in the Lily Frog series. Lily Frog is beginning Pre-K. The story captures the joy of her first day. As the story unfolds, students are kindly introduced to routines, expectations, and activities that are a part of the Early Childhood Education (ages 1-8) school day. Teachers can also “borrow” some of the gold mine ideas presented in the book!
Lily’s story continues in book number two of the series. Lily Frog: Oh, Nola is indeed a collector’s item. It’s an ABC Book that features fun rhymes. It’s also a tribute to the greatest city in America, New Orleans. Please join Lily & Friends on their field trip to New Orleans. Miss Bee, their teacher & tour guide, will show them that there’s more to New Orleans than just Bourbon Street.












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