Children Book Authors

Kimberly Brown stops by the Children Virtual Book Fair to Share her Book ‘Bella Noelle’s Affirmations’


Kimberly Brown is a 29- year old mother and native of Gainesville, FL. As a licensed clinical social worker, she has always geared her passion toward children. Kimberly is the owner of Kimberly Kares Counseling; a newly opened private practice focused on using therapy to assist young children and adolescents who have issues with anxiety, depression and trauma. She has extensive knowledge on fostering the minds of children and assisting their parents in doing the same.

“Becoming a published author has always been a dream of mine. To be able to do this and have my work as a therapist teaching mindfulness be able to reach more than just my clients in my hometown is what it’s all about. It makes me proud to know that I can spread the word to children around the world.”

Book website:
Instagram: @BellasBookSeries


Join Bella the fairy as she helps to teach Susie about mindfulness, self love and awareness. Both children and parents will enjoy learning how a few words can make a difference. Self -esteem is an important factor in our children’s lives. Allow Bella to help with these easy positive affirmations.






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