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Book Review: The Scars I Come With



Versafi Magazine had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the book “The Scars I Come With” by Derry Cox who is a new author and this is her very first book.  I was amazed how she was born and raised in Guyana and moved to the United States when she was 18 to Brooklyn, New York to be exact.  The title of the book is very catchy because as a new author or any author in general, you would want your title to stand out. When I first saw the title, I thought about pain, suffering, domestic violence, abuse of some sort.  I enjoy reading books like these because I love learning about the authors and their past to make them who they are today.  Derry did a good job with the cover and the title because it drew me in to the story.

Throughout the journey of her book, she tells the story about her life as a little girl in Guyana to when she moved to the US.  I also like how she wrote in past tense about her past and her present life.  It was great going back in time to the early 90’s learning more about who Derry really is in the past.  When writing non-fiction or a personal memoir, it is important to give your readers a piece of your history and back story and that is exactly what Derry did.  Chapter One tells the story of who Derry Cox is, A child of God and a brief history of her family.  Right away I felt connected to the author because of the powerful introduction.  As the story continues, her past with love begins to unravel and I was able to feel the pain she was in.  As an author myself and a person who has been broken soo many times in life, I was able to relate to Derry with so many different situations she went through.  Most women would just give up on love, but not Derry! Her love goes deeper than words and the fact that she didn’t allow her scars, her pain, her rejections to get the best of her, she continued her journey throughout life and gave love another shot!

I applaud the author for even opening up just to tell her life story and how it make her the strong woman she is today! The chapter about The Married Man: I am no longer a Slave to Sin was really powerful because it told the story in the late 90’s and how she met a guy and learned of his secret.  Do we really know all the secrets of men these days? No we don’t, but if we are attracted to them and we love them, it doesn’t matter.  By Derry addressing the issues of what women has been through whether its brokenness, sexual assault, domestic violence or even emotional abuse, it gives women hope of today that they can learn to speak out and become healed!

What I like about what Derry mentions towards the end of her book is that you have to be able to heal before moving on to the next person.  When you leave one person and go straight to the next person, it can be toxic because you never allowed yourself to heal. She didn’t give up on love and because God was in the center of her life, she was able to focus on what God wanted her to do and that was write this book! This is a great read for all women! I consider it a true devotional! 


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