More Than an Author, This Momepreneur Devotes Her Time Writing Inpirational Messages and Devotionals

VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How many books have you written in total?

KEYWANA WRIGHT: Five solo books, two E-books andn, five anthology book projects.


VERSAFI: Are you currently working on any new book projects at the present moment?

KEYWANA: Yes, two anthology book projects on how to discover your purpose and owning your truth. Focused and Aligned Book- with Chaundra Nicole Gore and 16 others co-authors and Owning your truth book with Angela Thomas-Smith and 20 others Co-Authors. These anthologies are due to come out this summer and fall.

VERSAFI: You co-wrote a book with your daughter called ‘I Like my Lip Balm’ What was that experience like?

KEYWANA: The experience was great writing with my daughter. She shares her story on how she created her own homemade lip balm from a school science fair project which later became her own lip balm business.

VERSAFI: Do you plan to write any more books with her in the near future?

KEYWANA: Yes at least two more books. A children’s affirmation book and my daughter’s story on how she lives with ADHD and the story also talks about her struggles as well as how she manages her symptoms.

VERSAFI: Have you thought about being a full-time author?

KEYWANA: No not at this time. I am employed full-time in the human service field.

VERSAFI: What types of marketing strategies do you use?

KEYWANA: Facebook and word of mouth.

VERSAFI: How can readers connect with you?

KEYWANA: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keywana.wright
All of my books and book projects can be purchased on Amazon.



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