Mistakes of Yesterday: What you Give is What you Get

Written by Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusony

In everything we do in life, we ought to think twice. Am I in the right place? Or do I need to readjust myself to get it right? A question many of us usually overlook. But it should not be like this. We were created to make life adorable for ourselves despite the challenges we face. Our greatness lies in our hands. How you plan your future today is all that matters. Unsuccessful people usually blame the government for their inability to succeed in life while the successful ones create wealth themselves. The big question here is how did you plan your life while growing up? Do you prefer to enjoy for a while or forever? Of course everyone likes enjoyment; preferably to enjoy life but how well did you plan for it?

(Category A) Someone who chose to wine and dine away with every little money that comes his or her and  (Category B) someone who chose to save and invest the little money he had. Who do you think will probably be successful in life? Most men I see on the street today gnaw  their teeth blaming the government for their inability to take care of their needs belongs to the (Category A).

During their youthful age, they chose to spend their last dollar trying to impress people around them and spending money on the things that does not matter. Or sleeping with different women for fun, slept and dined at the most expensive hotels and later on in life their ship wrecked because they didn’t plan for their future. Of course life is sweet and it’s meant for us all to enjoy, but its time to draw the line for everything we do putting it on top of our daily to-do-list.
In the past, most of us were only interested in being noticed by men and women around, hailing and calling them big names.  Where were all those people that cheered you up while you were lavishing money and you forgot to build a healthy future for yourself? They are probably the ones in the (Category B) now enjoying wealth  because they realized the importance of saving and investing for the future.
Though mistakes are being made, how are you now working to correct the past mistakes that ruined your life. Are you still hanging out with people of the same lifestyle you lived in the past? Do you want to be classified as a fool at forty that would remain a fool forever? Or have you really learned your mistakes and on a mission to make things work out for good again. Sacrifice a little and enjoy forever was something I learned from our past Governor and it’s really working for me.

When you sacrifice for your future, you will definitely reap from it.
Every minute count so start now to invest your time, energy and money in things that will glorify your future and as well with your family at large. Stop trying to impress people when you still have a lot to be done. Every day is an opportunity to start  fresh. Avoid pride and go back to hustle. I am shy so I wonder what will people say about me.

 Don’t allow pride to come first. Stop thinking of what people will say.  Invest your time and energy. No one will ever come to you if you are unsuccessful. Everyone wants to associate with the made men. When successful people were busy struggling and creating wealth for themselves, you still go to that beer parlor to sit and hang out with people that has nothing to contribute to your future. The people you mingle with determines the level you attain in life. How long will you continue with your hands in your pocket? I wholeheartedly agree with this adage “no food for a lazy man” Get yourself engaged with the things that inspire you, build up your talent, invest in your future, time waits for no one. Don’t tag yourself as a parasite always begging for money. People will surely do their best to avoid you because no one want to associate with a parasite. Stop hanging out with the wrong people. Motivate your life today and choose wisely. Invest your future today!



Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye is a Self-Help Author, Journalist and a Motivational Speaker. He obtained a B.S in Public Administration from Madonna University Okija, and PGD in Journalism from International Institute of Journalism (IIJ), Abuja.
He is a Member of the Nigerian union of Journalists. He Enjoys reading and traveling.  Izuchukwu lives in Nigeria with his Family. His books are available on Amazon through
For more details, contact him through the following handle Email:
Fb Page: I. R. Onwusonye

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