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Book Review for Carol’s Return: The Book Club #2




This month Versafi Magazine Book Club had the opportunity to read a book by another new author named Valerie L. McAllister.  Mrs. McAllister was interviewed by Versafi Magazine last month and has an amazing story as an author and an entrepreneur.  This month’s book really talked about a strong bond of women that endures a great friendship that no one can break.


When I first received this book, I was impressed by how thick it was, but realized the book itself was that long.  Because this is the second book of this series, I was reading into a story that was already developed, but I was still able to comprehend who the characters were and understand the plot and situation of the story.  In Carol’s Return, I learned that Carol was brutally attacked in Book One and is now in a coma in the hospital and her friends are left to deal with their own personal situations.  At first when I started reading the book, the dialogue of the characters weren’t compelling to me, but I got used to it later on in the book.  Even though these ladies were dealing with their own mess, the root to this whole story goes to tell that having real friends to actually call a “friend” is all about. In today’s society, it is hard to define someone on the job, at church or even at school to call a friend.  A lot of times people uses that word too loosely, but in this book, it showed that a real bond and a real friendship really does exist!  I just loved that through all the craziness, these ladies still pulled together through thick and thin to check up on each other.


Towards the end of the story when they met up for another book club meeting and everyone was telling all their issues or things that they never shared with the other ladies, it was a great presence and scene to read because it’s like you truly trust each one in the room while everyone spilled the beans.  But when Adrian revealed her secret and everyone was pissed off at her, the new girl Cheryl intervened and told them that they should still be there for Adrian because all the ladies primarily set an example for Cheryl and they didn’t even know.  That was a beautiful moment and that is how a real friendship with women should really be.  The ending is very shocking and I’m looking forward to reading the third part to the story. 




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