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Nothing Is Too Small, Nothing is Too Big

Written by Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye 



We easily underestimate  opportunities that comes our way.
Perhaps we forgot to realize that nothing in life is too small to start with. A humble beginning usually turns out to have a glorified ending. You might be given the biggest fund or opportunity in the universe to start but mismanagement can wash it down with nothing good coming out from it.

Learn to appreciate and utilize whatever you have in life. Don’t say how can I start so low. Our destinies differs and God has created us in our different way of life as well as unique in different ways. Starting big is a great step if you have the funds but is not a guarantee that you will be able to manage it well and make fortunes out of it. It’s all about the determination, time and perseverance invested into it, then your goals can be achievable.


Don’t let them tell you can’t make it  scratch, considering how most of the well known organizations like Amazon, Google etc. started should be something enough to motivate your spirit. You can turn that hundred dollars into a million tomorrow only if you believe in yourself, but then, how well do you persevere and dedicate your time to it? That is a  question only you can answer; no one can narrate your story better except you. Don’t sit at the boundaries, neither here nor there. Don’t always wait to gather up millions before starting that business you have nurtured in mind for so many years now. Don’t wait till you gather up millions before you start because you might end up spending the little you already saved. Become the energy you want to attract but remember when a child learns to walk, he falls down more than twenty times but yet never gives up. He never thinks to himself, maybe this isn’t for me.


Don’t give up on yourself.  The beginning is always the hardest; nothing great ever comes easy. The moment you start to believe in yourself is the moment your dreams become achievable.
You only fail when you stop trying so surround yourself with those that are on the same page as you. Remember nothing is too small and nothing is too big.  Don’t allow someone who gave up on their dreams to talk you out of yours.  We are all gifted and unique in our own way. We also we operate in different grace. A cent today might be a million tomorrow if you invest your time and energy to it.



Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye is a Self-Help Author, Journalist and a Motivational Speaker. He obtained B.Sc Public Administration from Madonna University Okija, and PGD in Journalism from International Institute of Journalism (IIJ), Abuja.
He is a Member of the Nigerian union of Journalists. He Enjoys reading and traveling.
Izuchukwu lives in Nigeria with his Family.
His books are available on Amazon through
For more details, contact him through the following handle
Fb Page: I. R. Onwusonye


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