Book Reviews

Book Review: Thank You Grandma by David Sledge, Jr.



This book by David Sledge, Jr. is very powerful because a lot of people don’t know the role grandmothers have in families.  This book by David Sledge, Jr. called ‘Thank You Grandma’ demonstrates that grandmothers are the glue to families and that they are very lovable and caring.  I liked the way this author personalized this memoir dedicated to his grandmother because it’s touching and a lot of people can really relate to the book.


On the inside of the book is a dedication page to his grandmother and the three lessons in life which are:

  1. Believe in yourself and strive towards your dreams no matter how big they sound

  2. Always know where your help comes from

  3. Be  a blessing to others. 

These are some really great lessons that the author lists and it lets us know that we have a purpose within ourselves that we are standing on.  I also enjoyed looking at the pictures of his family and the ones of his grandmother.  The author makes it personal and allows us to be apart of his story while reading.  Children loves pictures and David definitely captures the attention of the illustrations and short words.  This book really shows the true meaning of what a grandmother is and I feel that the author did a great job at explaining and also writing about the experiences and the fun times with his grandmother.


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