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South Carolina Native and Actor Paula Walton is Shaking Things up in the Film Industry




Paula was selected to create and lead in the production of new hire and advance sales training videos during her employment at one of the Worlds largest wireless providers. After leaving Verizon Paula started accepting local casting calls. She has been casted in short films, commercials and multiple network TV series and Pilots. A chance meeting with an Independent Film writer gave Paula the platform to work in more direct and engaging roles. Paula enjoys being in front of and behind the camera. She realized her passion for Production Assisting when she was given an opportunity to help CTC Films complete 2 film recordings in 24 hours. That experience helped her establish a solid reputation in the Charleston/Georgia Independent Film Community as a dependable and resourceful asset.




VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did your passion for acting came about?

PAULA WALTON: A small Charleston Casting company took on a TV series and by chance my entire family was casted to portray a show family. I loved the atmosphere, people and cameras. It was as if I fell in love with film!

VERSAFI: You had a major lead role in Felicia Rivers Film “The Mag” What was that experience like?

PAULA: Getting a lead role is like being the Captain of your football team. I feel empowered when I’m acting. I get to create an experience for the audience.

VERSAFI: Are you working on any new projects currently?

PAULA: I have been fortunate in the Urban film world. Not only do I act in movies and Tv series; I also do Stage plays. I am working on 2 stage plays, and 3 movies.

VERSAFI: Have you thought about writing your own films as well?

PAULA: I have written, casted and directed my own short film. Writing isn’t my passion but I love the relaxing effects when I let my imagination flow from my mind to paper.

VERSAFI: Did you experience any challenges in your career?

PAULA: The biggest challenge for me is type casting. I do my best to remain flexible and coachable.





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