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Get W.H.O.L.E. Again with Dr. Katrina Esau Who Teaches Women How to Gain Restoration after Hurt

As the CEO and President of KE3 Worldwide Enterprises, LLC, Dr. Katrina Esau brings a unique set of skills from her background as a seasoned business leader with over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. She is known for helping multiple Fortune 500 companies successfully complete projects on-time, yielding over 40% increase in revenues and increasing efficiencies. Dr. Esau is regularly sought out for her expertise in Project Management and Consulting and is widely regarded as a ‘big picture’ thinker, problem solver, thought leader, who brings rational decision-making to the most challenging scenarios. Dr. Esau is the founder of W.H.O.L.E – Wives Healing Openly Leaving Him Exalted. Her ministry was birthed after coming face to face with infidelity in her own marriage, having bouts of hopelessness, and feeling alone in her marital journey. Her mission in life is to help other women heal from infidelity.  Dr. Esau shares her story and experience with other women to bring hope, encouragement, and healing to them whether they are entering in, in the midst of, or they walked away from a season of trauma in their marriage. Her desire is that women walk out the healing process so they can be ready for their next. While her hope is, they would experience the level of restoration she has, more than that, she wants the women to be free of all unforgiveness and hurt.

“My primary target audience is women/wives of every creed and nationality across the globe. Whether in the inner city, suburbs, or the country. Regardless of their education or net worth if they are hurting from marital trauma, my body of work is for them.”




VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did the idea of creating your business KE3 Worldwide Enterprises, LLC come about?

DR. KATRINA ESAU: I had run from leadership titles for years. I’ve never been caught up on titles but have always been a leader by nature. I’m the one that would emerge as leader in groups where no one wanted to take lead. Ironically, as a child I always aspired to be a CEO or President of an organization where I would have a corner office with lots of glass so I can look out and admire nature or better yet a body of water (I love the ocean). I had heard people share testimonies of how they were instructed to leave their nine to five to pursue ministry or entrepreneurship and the thought of that was unfathomable especially being a person that prefers stability and consistency. Over the last few years, it began to stir in me that I needed to prepare, so I didn’t have to make an abrupt transition. To do so, I needed to remove all the fears by identifying what kept me from moving i.e. not being able to sustain myself if the contracts and opportunities didn’t come. In order to do this, I needed to step out while I had the “security” of my nine to five and begin to prepare and save so I would be well positioned to make it if things didn’t happen as quickly as I desired. As such, I finally took the leap of faith and started my business. Additionally, I wanted a covering to release and promote my book, which I knew would be the open door to many seminars, workshops, and speaking assignments.

VERSAFI: I really love how you spelled the business name! It reminds me of a square root or a formula in a chemistry class! What does your business consist of?

DR. KATRINA: Thank you! It’s funny you would mention it reminds you of a formula, because when selecting the name, I did so with a strategy (formula) in mind. It stemmed from the subtitle of my book (There is a Blueprint to Becoming WHOLE) and the name of my journal, The Blueprint to Becoming WHOLE. My goal is to Exceed Expectations, Eliminate Limitations, and Empower Excellence while leveraging the “Blueprint” hence the E to the 3rd power. KE3 Worldwide Enterprises offers personal coaching, keynote speaking at women’s conference/workshops, and organizational consulting/project management. Being known for helping Fortune 500 companies complete their projects on time, what strategies do you teach for business owners and entrepreneurs? Some of the strategies I teach are how to navigate through Contemporary Issues in Organizational Leadership, Managing in Social Change, Leadership and Motivation, and Effective Communication. The focus is on key aspects of social change in today’s complex business world, core concepts of a learning organization, the different stages of learning and the learning process, supportive learning environments, and learning barriers. I also teach the different approaches to understanding and evaluating leadership, challenges women and minorities face, leadership processes and procedures, and the 5 C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, Consistency, and Completion).

VERSAFI: Do you have any clients under your business that you are currently working with?

DR. KATRINA: I am wrapping up some co-facilitation work with a local non-profit organization where we are helping them to build strategies around their current health initiatives and how they can collaborate with other organizations to close the health care disparities in the African American community. However, over the last 90 days, my focus has been on promoting my newly released book and journal. As such, I have been holding different seminars and events based on the five pillars covered in the book – Forgiveness, Prayer & Intercession, Self-Care, Newness of Life, and Trust.

VERSAFI: Has there been any challenges you have faced? If so, what did you do to overcome these challenges?

DR. KATRINA: My biggest challenge is getting out of my own way. I have always been a “Corporate Girl” so the thought of embarking as an entrepreneur or what I like to call kingdompreneur was a challenge in itself. This was true because I found comfort in consistency, knowing there was a paycheck coming on the 1st and 15th. I overcame this challenge by surrounding myself with people that were doing it and doing it well. I invested in people, products, and programs to help build my knowledge. While I am still in Corporate America, I jumped last summer after attending the Pastors and Leaders Conference hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes. The messages and inspiration gave me the courage I needed to take the first step of birthing KE3 Worldwide Enterprises and I have been running ever since to build it. Many times, our greatest hindrance is the person looking back in the mirror. It is imperative to surround ourselves around others that have the ability to see the greatness within us as well as those that are excelling in areas we desire to go. That means having a teachable spirit and being willing to be cut. Every beautiful flower was pruned (cut) at some point, the same is true for us. Cutting is necessary for growth.

VERSAFI: What was the motivation and inspiration behind creating W.H.O.L.E.?

DR. KATRINA: Wives Healing Openly Leaving Him Exalted (W.H.O.L.E.) was birthed after coming face to face with infidelity in my own marriage, having bouts of hopelessness, and feeling alone in my marital journey. My husband and I separated for almost three years as a result of infidelity. The process I had to endure to becoming whole was not easy. As someone that has walked it out and seen God heal and restore, I wanted to share my story with other hurting women. Infidelity is painful and it comes with shame and guilt. My hope is that sharing my story in a real and raw way will bring healing and restoration to other women whether they are entering in, in the midst of, or they walked away from a season of trauma in their marriage. My desire is that women walk out the healing process so they can be ready for their next. While my hope is, they would experience the level of restoration I have, more than that, I want the women to be free of all unforgiveness and hurt.

VERSAFI: I really am digging what this stands for. You faced infidelity in your own marriage. How did you overcome that?

DR. KATRINA: First and foremost, by the grace of God. Without a vertical relationship with the Father, I would be divorced today. I want to also mention someone that was very instrumental in me overcoming the infidelity in my marriage. She is actually the person that introduced me to a relationship with the Father and gave me the outline of how to pray, which was the best thing she ever could have done for me. She is my spiritual mother, Mary E. May. She encouraged me to stand on the word and promises of God. It was my vertical relationship where I learned the importance of what I referred to earlier as the five pillars, which is the blueprint that allowed me to walk in the wholeness and freedom I experience today. Because I walked through my process and surrendered to the will of God, I sit here today free of the hurt, pain, shame, and guilt that once plagued me. I can freely share about my experience and help another wife walk out her process.

VERSAFI: Tell us more about the book you wrote called The Pain of Infidelity Births Purpose.

DR. KATRINA: This book is a raw depiction of a season in my life that was the most challenging to date. It tells my story of infidelity and the pain associated with it. I tell readers about each step of my process from the separation to my husband going to prison to restoration. The book is broken into two parts, The Breaking and The Blueprint to Becoming WHOLE. In the first half, The Breaking, I share on topics like He Messed up but What About You? He Cheated Now What? The Wife Becomes the Other Woman and the Road to Restoration. Yes, I said it and gave all the deets- I became the other woman! Who does that? In our natural mind, we’d say never, but when you are submitted and committed to the decision to fight for your union be careful of saying ‘never’. It’s actually this chapter that made me begin branding #TheMarriedSideChick. The beauty in this is now I get to be his wife and his side chick in the best of ways NOT because there is another woman. I know it sounds crazy but trust me it’s a beautiful thing to be the ONE and ONLY for your spouse. That’s what I am today, and I can say that boldly and confidently. Sorry, I digressed… In the second half of the book, The Blueprint to Becoming WHOLE, I share on the five pillars and include a chapter titled From the Heart of My Husband.

VERSAFI: What message do you hope the readers will gain from reading your book?

DR. KATRINA: Most of all, I hope readers will see that restoration is a possibility. Despite our part in the sin, if we only repent, surrender, and submit we can experience healing like never before. They can walk in a place called WHOLE where nothing is missing, and nothing is broken. I hope readers will know they are not alone. I hope they are encouraged to fight for their healing. I want them to gain tools and strategies that empower them to become their best self. I also hope they dig deeper and gain a different perspective on their situation.

VERSAFI: You have also created a blueprint journal and several other books. Who is your primary target audience?

DR. KATRINA: My primary target audience is women/wives of every creed and nationality across the globe. Whether in the inner city, suburbs, or the country. Regardless of their education or net worth if they are hurting from marital trauma, my body of work is for them.


VERSAFI: As far as promoting and marketing, what strategies works best for you to getting your work out there?

DR. KATRINA: Honestly, I’m still discovering what works best. However, thus far, it has really been networking and word of mouth. I’ve recently started leveraging all social media platforms to expand my reach.

VERSAFI: Are you working on any new projects?

DR. KATRINA: I am currently preparing to begin the process of creating a new body of work that speaks to how I got out of my own way and started to walk in purpose. I am also preparing to join a body of authors to co-author a project on a devotional that shares encouragement based on some of the prominent Bible stories.

VERSAFI: How can readers connect with you?

DR. KATRINA: Readers can connect with me on Facebook (@drkatrinae3, LinkedIn @drkatrinaesau, and Instagram @drkatrinaesau. They can also visit my website for more information about me.





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