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Children Book Author Teaches Kids the Fundamental of Learning Through Her Children Books

Dale Jordan is the mother of four adult children and seven grandchildren. She has always read to them since they were infants. They are her motivation for writing children’s books. Her books are to motivate, educate, and inspire young readers to love reading, and to be the best they can be. So far, she has published three children’s books, and is working on the fourth. The themes in her books are geared around family values, diversity, and learning. Ms. Jordan has a BA in English, and several Master’s degrees in Reading, Elementary Education and English as a Second Language. She plans to continue writing children’s books and will eventually write a family history book.


“After my children became adults and I was experiencing the empty nest syndrome, they motivated me to follow my dream, which was to become a published author.”




VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did your journey as an author begin?

DALE JORDAN: As far back as I can remember, I read everything I could read. Then one day, I had an epiphany that I could write. So, I started writing poems and short stories while in elementary school.

VERSAFI: That’s awesome! I read a lot when I was younger and started writing at the age of nine. So was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue?

DALE: I did not want to be a writer particularly, but I always wanted to have something published, whether it was a book or an article for a newspaper or magazine.

VERSAFI:  I always wanted to become an author. That was something I wanted to achieve. Now we all have people or things that motivates us to write. Who motivated you?

DALE: After my children became adults and I was experiencing the empty nest syndrome, they motivated me to follow my dream, which was to become a published author.

VERSAFI:  It’s a great feeling when your own children are the motivational tools needed for you to follow your dream! So with that said, what inspired you to write your first book?

DALE: My oldest granddaughter inspired me to write my first book. The main character was created with her in mind, and even the illustrations of the main character are depictions of my granddaughter.

VERSAFI:  What an awesome feeling that may be! Since you published your book, how does it feel to be a published author?

DALE: It is an awesome feeling to be a published author. It gives me a sense of accomplishment in my life .

VERSAFI: Congrats on your big accomplishment! It really is a great feeling when you have your first book published! So now that you are published, what challenges have you faced, if any?

DALE: With everything going on now, marketing has been a big challenge for me. I miss face to face contact with potential supporters. Virtual events just do not allow for a personal connection like with a live audience, especially with young readers.

VERSAFI:  That is a major challenge! Especially with this Covid-19 Virus going around, it has put a big damp to everyone’s plans this year.  Virtual events has been the new market since then, but I  definitely can relate when it comes to marketing the children book.  We want to be able to engage and talk with the kids and to others when promoting our books. With that being said, what genre do you write?

DALE: I feel it’s very important to reach out to our young readers, so I write children’s books.



Author Dale Jordan with her granddaughter

VERSAFI: Yes I think reading to the younger audience is very valuable and much needed in communities. So what message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

DALE: I want young readers to learn something that they may not have known before. I want them to be responsible for their own learning by asking questions and/or researching unknown information.

VERSAFI: Research! That’s a good word to use with kids because they should learn at an early age how to research things. So what does being an author mean to you?

DALE: Being an author means that I can perhaps help the readers in some way. It is a way of reaching out to them.

VERSAFI:  Helping readers is a good idea.  Kids always need help with something and with your books, that can be done! Now where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

DALE: Hopefully, I will be a successful author with many published books that will reach many young readers. I also hope to maybe have a book that can be used as a reading supplement in the elementary grades.

VERSAFI: That sounds like a great idea to have your books used as a learning tool in the school systems. There are a lot of authors who are full-time authors. Have you ever thought about being an author full-time?

DALE: Not really. I prefer to write part-time, because I want to teach and/or tutor those who can’t read.

VERSAFI:  Yeah writing full-time as an author is a lot of work and it takes focus and discipline. Now tutoring kids is a great idea. Tell the readers about your marketing strategies as an author.

DALE: Since I became a published author, I have been attending book signings, church events, community events, using multimedia and utilizing bookstores and coffeeshops. I also donate books to schools and libraries.

VERSAFI: Awesome! Donating books for a cause is a great thing any author can just simply do.  You are also getting your work and name out there to the communities as well.  Do you find it challenging at times when promoting your books?

DALE: Promoting my books is very challenging, especially during these difficult times. Another thing I find challenging is being creative and finding that niche which will make my books stand out.

VERSAFI: I totally agree! Especially during this virus situation. I learned some other creative ways as well such as doing virtual events on social media as well as participating in other online events as well.  Now how can readers connect with you and support you?

DALE: I am working on a webpage:,
You may also google the titles of the books or my name Dale Joyner.


VERSAFI MAGAZINE: Thank you so much Dale Jordan for stopping by and talking with Versafi Magazine about your journey as an author.  I had so much fun learning from you and what you enjoy writing! Now let’s be sure to support Dale by purchasing some of her children books where you can go right on Amazon to obtain your copy! Let’s all continue to support one another in the literary world. This has been another great feature by Versafi Magazine. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @versafimag and follow and subscribe to the magazine online to keep updated on exclusive interviews. You don’t want to miss out on what’s going on with Versafi Magazine! 






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