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Authors Looking for an Editor? CaTyra Polland CEO ‘Love for Words’ Offers Just What You Need!

CaTyra Polland, M.A. is the CEO/Founder of Love for Words (an editing boutique for writers and authors), and Career Prep, a professional development agency, a published author, editor, poet, speaker, instructor and cat mom to Honeycomb.

She is also the Creator/Hostess of Editor Knows Best, an international writing and editing podcast for literary professionals. She is also the creator of Writer’s Paradise, a writing forum for authors and writers.

She is a Rochester Business Journal Forty Under 40 Honoree. CaTyra enjoys traveling, going to concerts, slam poetry, and going to the beach.



What is ‘Love for Words?’



Love for Words is an editing boutique for writers and authors.  The boutique also transforms manuscripts into books. The target market are CEOS, business owners, and entrepreneurs who use their books and writing to build their platform. Unlike publishing companies, Love for Words is 100% committed to editing. You don’t have to worry about the editing boutique dividing their time between formatting, obtaining an ISBN, copyright, or type setting. Their sole focus is editing. You write, they edit!



Authors, look no further! ‘Love for Words’ editing boutique has your back once your manuscript is completed! Contact CaTyra Polland today and she will get you started! Visit Versafi Mag Business Directory and her contact information will be listed there as well!



CaTyra Polland, M.A.
CEO, Polland Enterprises, LLC




Connect with CaTyra!




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