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All-Around Entrepreneur and Publisher Spreads Inspiration to Her Readers and Non-Profit



Gerita Cook is the owner of Xpress Medical Specialist and GC4 Enterprises. Also, a published author of two Christian self-help books called “Don’t Block the Message” and “The Aspects of a Wife”. She started a non-profit organization to help empower women to serve in a leadership capacity in their communities over 20 years ago called D4D (Divas 4 Divas) that does various community services activities and events such as doing health fairs and feeding the homeless.
Along with having over 15 plus years in Healthcare industry, Education, Community Advocacy and Motivational Speaking. She has served with the Medical Reserve Corp, American Red Cross Disaster Relief Team and American Heart Association. Her educational studies include Nursing, Orthopedics, Business, Psychology and General Studies. She has attended and received various degrees and certifications from such institutions as Southern Hampshire University, Clayton State University, Phoenix University, Griffin Technology College and Georgia Medical Institute.
Having a commitment to education and helping others has always been a passion with her being a Certified Allied Health Instructor, Certified Life Coach, Certified BLS, Blood-borne Pathogen and First Aid Instructor, Curriculum Writer and Mentor. She is adored by the over 1,100 students, she had the privilege of serving, who are affectionately know as the “Cook Cuties”. She is currently working on opening her own publishing and consulting firm under GC4 Enterprises that is due to launch July 2020, offering such services as: Ghostwriting, Consulting established and upcoming authors, ISBN and Bar Code Agent, and Branding Manager to name a few.




“My inspiration comes from loving people and wanting to see everyone succeed. My motivation comes from my mother and father to always do my very best in everything I do. My father gave me a strong work ethic of never working harder for anyone than what you are willing to work for yourself. In other words, don’t kill yourself working making someone else successful and rich; to only have the success of paycheck for yourself”.






VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did your journey as an author began?

GERITA COOK: It began with me wanting to connect to the world around me because I always seem to be invisible. Writing gave me a way to be the person I wanted to be. Also, to reach my students who are affectionately known as the Cook Cuties to give them a guide to make better choices.

VERSAFI: Cook Cuties sounds very interesting! Was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue?

GERITA: Yes, even as young girl I always loved to read and wanted to make difference in life, which is one of the reasons I became a teacher.

VERSAFI: Making a difference is always good. So who motivated you?

GERITA: The person that has motivated me the most is my son TJ because watching him overcome so much with his autism  motivated me to not let fears or excuses stop me from being everything God designed me to be. Secondly, my cousin Miesha Turner who has always been my biggest cheerleader.

VERSAFI: That is some great motivation right there! Now what inspired you to write your first book?

GERITA: A childhood dream and my students inspired me to write my first book. I see so many of them making choices that was not always good for them. I wanted them to understand that life can be difficult but if you don’t have roots in God, your fears and your past events will keep from your future.

VERSAFI: Aww!! That is too sweet that your students inspired you to write your first book!  How does it feel to be a published author?

GERITA: Being a published author is truly rewarding and a blessing, being able to touch individuals on a personal level with my writing.

VERSAFI: It really is! Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

GERITA: The biggest challenge about becoming a published author was being a Christian writer and publishing companies wanting to change my voice or removing scriptures from my books which inspired me to  self-publish.

VERSAFI: What genre do you write on?

GERITA: I write Christian Self Improvement Books, Christian Romance and Technical Curriculum Writing.

VERSAFI: Those genres sounds really interesting. So what message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

GERITA: The main message I always want my readers to take away from my books is that you have the ability to change for the better and that God loves you.

VERSAFI: Sounds like a great message! What does being an author mean to you?

GERITA: Being an author means I am fulfilling a dream of making a positive impact in this world. Along with honoring God by utilizing the gift He gave me.

VERSAFI: Making an impact to the world sounds like a definite winner! So besides an author, you are a publisher as well. How did you come up with the process and idea of your publishing company Gc4?

GERITA: I started GC4 to help others realize their dream and abilities of becoming author and making an impact like me. In my consulting aspect of GC4, I educate others on the business aspects of writing a book as well as provide Corporate Empowerment Training and Life Skills/Coaching Session.

VERSAFI: We all need the necessary tools in the works of authorship if we want to make it and become successful in life. Where did your inspiration/motivation come from?

GERITA: My inspiration comes from loving people and wanting to see everyone succeed. My motivation comes from my mother and father to always do my very best in everything I do. My father gave me a strong work ethic of never working harder for anyone than what you are willing to work for yourself. In other words, don’t kill yourself working making someone else successful and rich; to only have the success of paycheck for yourself. Build everything you touch in this life so that when you leave you are not remembered for the physical things you owned but the wisdom and love you will leave in others.

VERSAFI: It’s always good when others want to see other people succeed! You also own a non-profit as well. Tell us a little bit more about D4D.

GERITA: D4D stands Divas 4 Divas that I founded to give women who didn’t have a opportunity to join a sorority to have a sisterhood. Also it’s a place where we support them and help make positive image in their community while giving back to their community. We have 3 Chapters The original chapter that started in Atlanta, Georgia which is ran by myself. Then we have the Alabama Chapter that is ran by Aretha Bettis and finally the newest chapter in Michigan ran by Artemisia Ellis.

VERSAFI: This sounds like a wonderful non-profit about sisterhood! So where do you see yourself five years from now?

GERITA: Hoping to retire from the medical profession completely and be running my publishing and consulting firm full time.

VERSAFI: It’s always good to work full-time for your own self! Speaking of full-time,  have you ever thought about being an author full-time?

GERITA: Yes, that is my ultimate goal to be writing full-time and helping new writers

VERSAFI: That’s a great way to give back to the writing community. So as an author can you  tell us about your marketing strategies as an author?

GERITA: My marketing strategies comes from building brand identity of getting people to understand who I am as a writer. While promoting the title and message, I want my readers to connect to. I try to identify with the demographic I am targeting with my books.

VERSAFI: Yes! I definitely agree about brand identity! It is important for your targeted audience and readers know you as a brand and as an individual as well. Do you find it to be challenging at times when promoting your books?

GERITA: Yes, very much so because African- American writers are often not given the same national platforms unless they are famous in another capacity such as acting, music or sports.

VERSAFI: That is so true! If you aren’t a celebrity writing a book, you won’t get that national platform. That’s just reality to be honest. Now if God shows you favor and you talk to God about putting you on a national platform, He may just do it!  So do you have any current book projects that you are working on?

GERITA: Yes, I am currently redrafting a short story I wrote called Untold which is story about three friends trying to find a Godly man to love in today’s modern society while dealing with their issues with each other and God. I am also working on an additional book called “Surviving a wife survival guide to infidelity”

VERSAFI: Sounds very interesting I might say! How many books have you published in total?

GERITA: I have published 3 of my own, 4 with other authors, and 2 that I have ghostwritten.

VERSAFI: Awesome! How can readers connect with you and support you?

GERITA: Readers can connect with on Social Media on both Facebook and Instagram also through the GC4 website at or through email at

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