Contributing Writers

Portrait of Love

Poem Written by Contributing Writer Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye

Never will I forget the beautiful portrait,
This got my heart melting fast,
My eyes never blinked like before,
All my attention got captured.

Staring like I saw an angel,
The beauty was one I can’t measure,
Created special for special people,
Then I realized she was a mortal.

Good heart comes with good vibes,
She loves, she heals and she cares,
Never met the physical being,
But I strongly believe in her kind.

Beautiful Queen with overall quality,
Sharing same month with the King,
Age and location was never a case,
They rolled together trusting in their fate.

My heart aches each day I open to look,
Can I survive without staring at the hook?
A beautiful damsel with overall quality,
Then I realized my heart was filled with her love.

Quarrel and malice do show up,
But the journey so far has been good,
Maturity and love stood as the pillar,
Little discrepancies but we never complained.

Every minute refreshes my heart,
Thoughts that triggers the heart,
Hoping to meet the Queen someday,
I can’t wait for the day to come.




Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye is a Self-Help Author, Poet, Journalist and a Motivational Speaker. He obtained B.Sc Public Administration from Madonna University Okija, and PGD in Journalism from International Institute of Journalism (IIJ), Abuja.
He is a Member of the Nigerian union of Journalists. He Enjoys reading and traveling.
Izuchukwu lives in Nigeria with his Family. His books are available on Amazon through
For more details, contact him through the following handle Email:
Fb Page: I. R. Onwusonye




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