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Cancel What Disturbs Your Goal

Written by Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye



Everything we do has a purpose behind it and we complete those tasks to meet our purpose. In order to carry out any task, we set a purpose behind it. A goal is an idea of the future or a desired result which a person or a group of people plans, envious and committed to achieve. People try to reach or achieve their goals with a finite time by setting deadlines. A goal is similar to a purpose or aim. The anticipated result which guides reactions or an end, which is an object, either a physical object or an abstract object, which has intrinsic value.

Managing goals can give returns in all areas of personal life knowing precisely what you want to achieve makes clear what to concentrate and improve on, and often subconsciously prioritizes that goal. Goal setting and planning promotes long-term vision, intermediate mission and short-term motivation. It focuses on intention, desire, and acquisition of knowledge and helps to organize resources. For one to cancel the things that disturbs his or her goal settings, one needs to resolve all guilt, inner conflict or limiting belief that might cause one to sabotage one’s effort. Personal goals can be achieved if we cancel or remove in us all that disturbs our aims and purpose in life. Long-term achievements rely on short-term achievements. Emotional control over the small moment of the single day makes a big difference in the long term.

Achieving complex and difficult goals requires focus, long-term diligence and efforts. There has been a lot of research conducted looking at the link between achieving desired goals, changes to self-efficacy and integrity and ultimately changes to subjective well-being. Goal integrity refers to how consistent one’s goals are with the core aspect of the self. While goal efficacy refers to how likely an individual is to succeed in achieving their goals. Integrity is associated with the well-being factor [psychology] as efficacy is associated with well-being factor which is happiness [subjective well-being]. Many studies have shown the link between achieving long-term goals and changes in subjective well-being. Most research shows that achieving goals that hold personal meaning to an individual increases feelings of subjective well-being.

But do we have any goals in life or are we blindly going with the flow that comes along? Do we have things that bother us a lot? What are the reasons for your setback? The road or path you chose to follow will the destination be beneficial to you? If carefully examined and weighed, making the right choice requires your liberation. Liberation should be the first step you will take.

Liberate yourself from the things that hurt your spirit, your soul and body. When you have happiness, peace of mind, there is every tendency that you will achieve your purpose. Life seems empty without purpose, set out your plans today, ignore what people will say, of a truth people must talk, whether in good conditions or bad conditions, but you have to close your ears to whatever that is flying around you like a bullet from east to west or north to south. Life goes on. Believe in yourself, put up a challenge and cancel all that disturbs your peace of mind, move into prayers ask God to direct you and help you to be on the right path. You will need to have faith in all you do.

Take away negative thoughts from your spirit, stand firm, focus and be determined. “Determination brings success”.


Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye is a Self-Help Author, Poet, Journalist and a Motivational Speaker. He obtained B.Sc Public Administration from Madonna University Okija, and PGD in Journalism from International Institute of Journalism (IIJ), Abuja. He is a Member of the Nigerian union of Journalists. He Enjoys reading and traveling. Izuchukwu lives in Nigeria with his Family. His books are available on Amazon through  For more details, contact him through the following handle Email:
Fb Page: I. R. Onwusonye

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