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Book Review: ‘Yvette Likes School’ by Dale Jordan



Earlier this month Versafi Magazine read and reviewed ‘Yvette Likes School’ which is a children’s book by Dale Jordan.  We also was able to do a live book review on Facebook talking about the book and reading bits and pieces of it as well. The one thing about children books is that they also have a purpose and a message for the readers and with Dale’s book, it did just that.  From Part One to introducing her readers to who Yvette really is to her family was just amazing how anyone could put on their imagination and create a world filled of creativity.

The character that Dale created talks about loving school and the types of new words she learned within her vocabulary.  For any child that doesn’t like school or likes school can definitely get some type of motivation and inspiration from this book.  Throughout the book Dale talks about the “No Child Left Behind” Act and how some people in her class were left behind in different situations such as one of her classmates had to get surgery so she missed a couple of days from school or another one of her classmates had to stay behind after school for something.  I thought this was a very interesting to incorporate that into the book.

Versafi Magazine definitely recommends this book to other kids and adults as well as a fun way of learning more about school and other things kids can learn.

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