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The ‘Ascension’ Man Scott Howard Releases Latest Album ‘The Language of Clouds’ as a Source of Inspiration

Scott Howard’s latest album The Language of Clouds is set to release on in May 2020 to a crowd of
Ascension-fans who have followed Scott’s journey that began 2018 with his first album Ascended
Man. This new EP album takes Scott to a higher realm, featuring songs like Written in the Clouds
tuned to 432 Hz. Scott’s life mission is bringing a new genre of music from Source that he is known
and loved for worldwide. Scott continues to fulfill his lifelong mission as a light worker and healer by
adjusting the frequencies of the 3D world transitioning to the 5D. Source Music which is what Scott
calls it, played at the same frequency as the works of the formerly “Ascended Geniuses” of the world of
OLDE such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. This tuning is scientifically proven to heal humans at the
cellular & DNA level. This renaissance musician’s sound, though, is not classical, Scott Howard channels bold melodies combined with optimistic lyrics of love, pain, hope during his journey of redemption of an Awakened soul. The arrangements further punctuate the importance of his words. Country, rock, folk, with a hint of the sublime and a new genre of music from source in 432 Hz is what makes Scott Howard someone to listen to and be interested in learning what the future holds for those who dare to listen. With two radio campaigns completed in 2019 for singles from his first album Awaken and Come with Me, Scott Howard’s much anticipated album The Language of Clouds is an entirely new and all- encompassing art piece complete with a vinyl record and coffee table book that will feed the full five senses of his fans Worldwide.

VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did the peak of your music career begin?

SCOTT HOWARD: I feel as if I am still on an upward trajectory to find truth to our existence. Mankind seems to be on a downward journey if we allow those that “seem” to be making the decisions or broadcasting their truths to the masses. There are illuminations that are and will be coming out that will change the way we look at our world every day. My life’s mission is to bring a new genre of music from Source. I’ll continue to fulfill my lifelong mission as a lightworker and healer by producing music in 432 Hz, a tuning that is scientifically proven to raise one’s frequency and heal humans at the cellular  DNA level. I will always be searching for new peaks and paths on my personal journey and illuminate my path for others to wake up and find their way. Only then will I have reached the peak of my career.

VERSAFI: Does the music genre run in the family as well?

SCOTT: Music runs in my family as my mother was an opera singer and started Long Island Lyric Opera in the 1970’s. My family had started something called a “Cousins Club” where everyone’s cousins, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, children would come to a home of a family where a piano would be present. They would all gather and sing, and the frequency would be raised and love
flourished. This was a wonderful time. A time we need to go back to, and recreate this love but for the world. We are all COUSINS, all brothers and sisters… we should all get around a world piano or guitar
and sing. We must bring back the meaning of LOVE… NOT OF HATE, OR DARKNESS…THERE MUST BE AWAY BACK TO A TIME WHERE SOCIETY TRULY CARED ABOUT EACH OTHER We must create this kind of environment… I have just filmed a virtual concert, “The World Ascension Music Live at The Village in 432 Hz” that would be made available to a global audience via Livestream soon.

VERSAFI: Your latest album ‘The Language of Clouds’ was just released in May. What was the inspiration behind it?

SCOTT: My first album on my journey was Ascended Man, every song was meant to be followed by the next. I seem to know ahead of time the name of the album prior to the songs being written, “The Language of Clouds” came from 5 years of taking photos of the sky, realizing that nothing is what it seemed and it was important to let myself and people on a parallel journey, what I was experiencing. This was an EP and only a chapter of the next level on the path to my Awakening. There are another 7 songs ready to be added. My inspiration is always changing and as I seem to write my songs prophetically, the lyrics discuss a world that might not exist yet or a world that I would like to see manifest.

VERSAFI: Who has motivated you or inspired you to start your music career?

SCOTT: As I mentioned, I had an awakening that put me on my path that inspired me to bring a new genre of music to the world from SOURCE… optimistic lyrics of love, pain, and hope to share to a hurting world.


VERSAFI: When you say your life has undergone an ‘ascension’ what does that really mean?

SCOTT: I believe I used the word Awakening. We all go through a life crisis… some call it a mid-life crisis, some call it a crisis of the heart… I call it An Awakening of the Soul Spark… as we are all just a small piece of the WHOLE SOUL… we are all a small piece of the GOD soul… that goes out and learn, learn lessons, and then is supposed to bring these experiences back to SOURCE and enrich OURSELVES. So, my Awakening is to this light… That Matrix Movie was not too far off to our true reality. And thus, hopefully the music that comes from me, will resonate with as many as possible and help raise the frequency of those still asleep. This is a new genre of music in the ancient tuning of 432 Hz, that will help raise the frequency of the listeners along with the lyrics that will unveil the truth that I will impart to those willing to listen and begin on their own Awakened journey.

VERSAFI: Are you working on any projects at the current moment?

SCOTT: I am always working on my next favorite project. I have just shot a Live Concert called “The World Ascension Music Live at The Village in 432 Hz”. This will be 8-10 songs done live with both my band and me on the road. I leave August 1st-6th in an RV, from LA to Chicago. Along the way, I will be stopping by to visit old and new friends and performing POP-UP concerts along the route. Which would include Las Vegas, National Parks and places that reflect our new way of performing concerts.
I will also be performing 2 special songs at the Grand Canyon, Red Rock and possibly the Petrified Forest National Park.  One song that I’ll be performing is Harvest Blessings that you can hear on Spotify right now and the other is a new special song entitled, “OUR BEAUTIFUL ONES”.
I will be bringing this concert in vinyl and will be releasing a special limited-edition album. An eBook will be coming out called” A Lightworker’s Journey” that is a compilation of photos of my last
5-year’s journey including experiences, 5D Cloud, etheric realms, and pique an interest to beginning
their own spiritual re-awakening. On my website, you will find our Ascension432wear clothing line that begins with the face and head shields. Our next line of merchandise will be the Heart Chakra shirts. The logo of which is an ancient design  that helps protect against dark energies and has inlaid crystals that aid in:
– Moldevite – manifestation and abundance paths
– Quartz – protection
– Shungite – protects against EMF wave frequencies, cell phone & any other possible frequency
detrimental to the brain and/or chakra areas where the garment is worn.
I have also set up a Patron page that will include all of this and more.  I’m already working on my next studio album which will be called “Angel Numbers”. This will be a very busy 2020-2021.


VERSAFI: I was listening to the song ‘Awaken’ on YouTube. Real smooth! What does that song really mean?

SCOTT: I was outside one night, and it came to me… and this was about 10 years ago. We all seem to be just going to work… looking down at our feet, or straight ahead at what might be in front of us… But, DO NOT LOOK BACK… as those are the places, we have made our mistakes and just maybe we should NOT try to make the same mistakes… so that our future might be better…. I noticed at the time, no one was looking up. We must all AWAKEN and LOOK UP… as that is where our dreams and hopes come from. The lyrics in the song are meant to help us to…. AWAKEN… AWAKEN… AWAKEN… to what is here, what is coming and where we are going. The song Awaken on my album Ascended Man is a continuation on this path I call Ascension. As the earth has increased in frequency, we must do the same. This new genre of music will hopefully help those ready to begin their journey and enjoy a great new personal reawakening.

VERSAFI: Tell the readers where they can listen to your music at and your latest album.

SCOTT: Access to all my social media links and music can be found on my website at
Be light!

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