The Eye Candy is Here! Candy Rich Makes Boss Moves in RVA as an Actor and Woman Entrepreneur

VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did you get started in the film industry as an actor?

CANDY RICH: I have been in a few videos and I typically in the background! I’ve always been interested in acting! However, I am extremely shy, so when it comes to me being on the main stage I freeze like ice! Still, I love everything about the art of music and acting. With me always having an interest in acting I think it was inevitable! Thanks to Blunt, here I am! Whew she got me out the bubble, lol!

VERSAFI: We all know that the acting industry is major across the globe.  What challenges have you faced so far in your career?

CANDY: I think the real challenge is ensuring that you are as confident and comfortable being unapologetically YOU! I think it’s a cruel world out here, but you will survive those adversities if you have that solid foundation!


VERSAFI: By reading your bio, you definitely are a true example of a boss babe! From hairstyling to managing models, to music artists, you are shining in the entertainment industry. Now with being a cast member of ‘Real Women of RVA’ how does it feel to be a part of a sisterhood with the other ladies?

CANDY: Aw man! To be a part of this group of talented and resilient women has been the absolute best! The support is real! We may not always see eye- to- eye on everything, however I do believe that is what makes us such an amazing group! We can agree to disagree and the love does not change! We are all uniquely different yet we have so many similarities! I love that we pull the best out of each other. We help each other see things we may not see in ourselves! I am grateful and humbled to be surrounded by such amazing ladies.

VERSAFI: Besides being on the show, do you have any other projects you are working on with your business ventures?

CANDY: I have been currently working on new projects with my artists Trapp Gotti, Saint Vinci and Coke Boy BooCiti! My artists are so dope and they motivate me to be the best. I am also  very happy to say that I have recently launched my new cosmetic line Kissing Bandit and my luxury hair Brand Mob Hair. I also have created a hair growth cream that is the bomb lol!!! It has taken off to a great start!


VERSAFI: With Rich Life Management on the rise, where do you see yourself taking the label in five years?

CANDY: Rich Life is my baby! I took some time off to restructure and rebrand my company to go to the next level. I have currently been working on a new situation for Rich Life! I just have to keep it on a hush until it is solidified. You have to be a strong woman in this industry and the things coming down the pipeline are going to make these next five years interesting and exciting. We are going all the way up! I have no limitations on how far we are going to go!


VERSAFI: With acting on your resume now, do you have any film projects in the works or do you plan to stick with reality TV?

CANDY: Seems funny to say that acting is now on my resume, but yes I have set up for some castings as well as auditioned for a couple of agencies! I actually love doing reality TV  because it gives you the real  uncut version of me. Who knows maybe you will see me on the big screen!

VERSAFI: That would be an awesome deal to see you on the big screen! Keep claiming it! So what is next for Candy Rich?

CANDY: Honestly I believe that the Most High has put a treasure chest in each of us! I am ready for all that life has to offer! I want to be the best so every day I am working towards it! Great things are funneling to the new me! What’s next for Candy Rich??? Stay tuned.

VERSAFI: How can readers connect with you?

CANDY: The readers can connect with me on
Facebook- Candy Rich
Instagram- officialcandyrich / iamcandyrich


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