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Whew chile! Time is flying by and I can still embark on the first day I created Versafi Magazine (Blaq Stardom and Blaqversity in the past) and I told myself that I wasn’t going to create another magazine because I felt like it was just too much and I was stressed from it. I was doing a print issue just about every month for my first magazine called F.U.S.E. (Follow Your Success to Elevation) and it was just me doing all the work! But I did decided to start a new magazine from scratch and now its booming with new business and new clients. Of course I deal with all types of people all the time, but I’m still pressing on.  I wanted to created a platform for men and women of diversity that are authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners to help them gain more exposure and to get media attention of their brand.

The magazine has now reached an international level and I am definitely excited about that! All I can do is promote the clients and hope that other people in their target audience will learn more about them.  The first print issue will be December and it’s going to be really simple with great features from women and the cover represents diversity and I am excited for this young lady to be on the cover so stay tuned! Be sure to follow the magazine on Instagram to stay updated on news as well. As a subscriber of Versafi Magazine, you get all the updates and interviews straight to your email! Keep sharing and liking the posts and also I encourage you to comment as well. Let us know what you think of each interview and article that is published. Have a great weekend and I thank you for your support and for following the magazine!



Patrice Rivers

Founder and Publisher of Versafi Magazine

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