Author Shares Children’s Book that are Inspiring Bible Stories

Residing in Gastonia NC. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, children’s leader and gifted enthusiastic writer. Marjorie began writing stories as a Children’s Church teacher to present during the Sunday Morning Worship. As years past, her skills and talents took on even a greater form of creativity. She later found herself leading a group of youth known as the “Teen Machine” and word soon spread about the Teen Machine and Marjorie’s gift to reached children.

Her first book, “GODs Clouds and Umbrellas was birth through a vision of imagination, passion, and a sincere concern for today’s children and tomorrows future. She looked up on a beautiful hot summer day and there was not a cloud in the sky. All of a sudden there it was, an awesome reddish-orange, puffy cloud that hovered right above her. She then heard a quiet peaceful voice say, “Look at your hands”. “What do you have in your hands?” “Use whatever I put in your hands”. Marjorie knew she was in the presence of GOD. The clouds began to fade away just as quickly as it appeared, and the quiet peaceful voice had come to a stop. The quiet soft voice spoke softly and gently for the last time, and said “It’s yours! “It’s Mine! And it’s Ours!”




VERSAFI MAGAZINE: How did your journey as an author begin?

MAJORIE GETTYS: My journey began by sharing different Bible stories in my home with my daughter and two of my nephews when they were children, and from there I found myself writing and sharing stories during our Sunday worship service at the church I attended.

VERSAFI: Was becoming a writer something you always wanted to pursue?

MARJORIE: Yes, I always wanted to be a writer even as a child. I knew that I had a special gift in writing because it was the one thing I was good at, and while watching the character called “John Boy” in the early seventies on a TV show called the Walton’s it became even clearer to me that writing was exactly what I wanted to do. It seemed very easy… so I thought.

VERSAFI: Who or what motivated you?

MAJORIE:I was motivated by my Junior High School counselor, Mr. Clyde Little, a very kind, meek, and humble man. He read some of my materials and was very impressed, and one day he said to me, I should pursue writing as a career, because he thought I had a natural talent.

VERSAFI: What inspired you to write your first book?

MARJORIE: Good question, I actually thought I was supposed to open up a bookstore, until months later and it occurred to me that I was actually supposed to write a Christian children’s book, which made perfect sense, because I had spent many years studying and writing Bible stories for children.

VERSAFI: How does it feel to be a published author?

MARJORIE: I am still very much amazed and humbled by it all, especially when I’m asked to read my book in person in person or via streaming.

VERSAFI: Since becoming a published author, what challenges have you faced if any?

MAJORIE: I think it’s been very challenging to promote and market my book being a new, up and coming author, but I have learned to put my best foot forward, which has actually led me to Versafi Magazine.

VERSAFI: What genre do you write on?

MAJORIE: I strictly write Christian children’s books. It’s an area I am most familiar with.

VERSAFI: What message do you want your readers to take away when reading your books?

MAJORIE: I would like children of all ages to know and remember that our Father GOD loves us with all his heart (❤️) and because of His love for us we can always take comfort in knowing that we will forever and always have His protection.

VERSAFI: What does being an author mean to you?

MAJORIE: Being an author is very humbling and rewarding at the same time. It has opened a door for me to share the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

VERSAFI: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

MAJORIE: In five years I hope to have completed a series of Yours Mine & Our books that would be sold globally as GOD’s Clouds and Umbrellas now are.

VERSAFI: Have you ever thought about being an Author full-time?

MAJORIE: I am now a full-time author, after years of working in the retail business, it has now afforded me to become a full time author.

VERSAFI: Tell us about your marketing strategies as an author. Do you find it to be challenging at times when promoting your books?

MAJORIE: I have had online interviews and readings and I’ve also been invited to a few more online streaming due to Covid-19. And I also find it extremely challenging as a first time Author, because the book and or my name has yet to be discovered.

VERSAFI: Do you have any current book projects that you are working on?

MAJORIE: I do have a book I am working on and hopefully it will be published by the end of the year.

VERSAFI: How many books have you published in total?

MAJORIE:  GOD’s Clouds & Umbrellas is the first of a series of more books to come, that I am currently working on.

VERSAFI: How can readers connect with you and support you?

MAJORIE: Readers can contact me via Instagram, Facebook and







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